TM500 Network Tester

A NITRO Wireless Product

Reduce 5G base station time to market - the TM500 Test Mobile family is in use with almost every base station manufacturer across the world, and can be regarded as the de facto standard for network testing via RF.

The TM500 Family of products are used for functional, system integration, capacity and stress testing in the lab and emulate up 1000’s of mobile devices, across multiple cells to set-up and test 4G and 5G Base Stations.

The TM500 has been the defacto industry standard for base station testing with its use with virtually all Network Equipment Manufacturers worldwide and now boasts capability up to, 4G, 5G including O-RAN. TM500 delivers real voice, data, realistic mobility models and 4G/5G core emulation, providing the most comprehensive lab validation portfolio. The TM500 Family offers the right test tools, expertise and support across the entire development lifecycle.

Can you ensure…

  • Each user on your network is obtaining the best Quality of Service?
  • Your network is meeting the latency and round-trip times for voice and time critical applications?
  • Your network is providing the best performance for multiple users across various 5G applications?
  • Your network is up to date with the latest 3GPP features to meet market demand?

TM500 provides the solution to ensure the delivery of high performance and stable gNBs, ensuring scalability from numbers of subscribers, data capacity in conjunction with the most comprehensive and realistic mobility models and mobility scenarios. This is achieved with a “no performance compromise” remit, a comprehensive and stable debugging, monitoring and KPI measurement tools, and a software release cadence that customers can trust to ensure roadmap alignment. TM500 delivers the most realistic test environment, and is reason why is trusted and used consistently in major gNB evaluation events around the world before an operator purchase.

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Test Scenarios

A set of core test case scenarios allows the user to assess the performance of network features within a loaded network environment. The TM500 supports multiple real stateful data applications enabling true end-to-end data generation and analysis per emulated mobile device. Test cases can easily be configured for thousands of application data flows, and allocated to different mobile device groups with different traffic profiles.

User Operation

The design, scheduling and analysis of complex test cases is made easy via an intuitive graphical user interface. Test scenarios managing thousands of mobiles having individual mobility and data applications profiles can quickly be created and executed within a drag-and-drop environment. Upon test completion, measurements and KPIs can be viewed or exported to third party tools for post processing and advanced analysis.

Real Data Services

The TM500 Family supports multiple real stateful data applications enabling true end-to-end data generation and analysis per emulated mobile device. Test cases can easily be configured for thousands of application data flows and allocated to different mobile device groups with different traffic profiles.

Performance KPIs and Statistics

To enable complete performance analysis, the system produces a comprehensive set of measurement logs, KPIs and protocol metrics during and after each test case run.

Early functional test

TM500 delivers early functional base station development, where most engineering resource is allocated for writing code and developing specific elements of functionality. As your engineering teams adopt “shift-left” development and testing methodologies providing the benefit of detecting problems early in the development cycle and save time and money by avoiding the need for expensive rewriting of software, VIAVI offers the best debugging., logging, monitoring and measurement test tools for the exact stage of development enabling you to maximize your ROI.

Learn about the TMLite ideal for early small cell, O-RAN, private 5G functional testing.

System integration, capacity, performance and regression test

As your project continues through the development lifecycle the test requirements become more complex however, there are usually less engineering resources allocated to tasks such as system integration or performance testing. At this stage where feature combinations with increased numbers of carriers and subscribers are required, the TM500 Family offers provides a comprehensive suite of feature interaction and application capabilities at scale while still maintaining performance targets. This gives you the reassurance and support of an industry standard test tool with best in class and automation capabilities when engineering resource is

3GPP Release 16 and 17

As part of the 3GPP Release 16 Radio Enhancements, System Enhancements and 5G Efficiency. VIAVI is implementing the specifications and expanding the coverage to meet industry requirements. Here are some example supported features across, MDT, handover and mobility:

  • Immediate/Logged MDT
  • DAPS Handover
  • UE Assisted Power Saving in NR

As part of Release 17 VIAVI is implementing features to support NTN and RedCap.

TM500 for O-RAN

Over many years of working with all major NEMs and small cell manufacturers, VIAVI has built a reputation as a trusted supplier of leading-edge cellular test equipment. Our flexible approach and ability to accommodate different customer requirements allows to support the various options and configurations different operators require in order to deploy O-RAN solutions. VIAVI is part of O-RAN and is involved in developing specifications. This is important particularly in supporting multiple vendors with different vendor specific requirements. TM500 plays an important role in O-RAN Alliance Events across the globe including displaying the latest Proof of Concepts in O-RAN alliance Plugfests.

As O-RAN continues to evolve, VIAVI is well placed to align with its objectives on virtualization, interoperability and the use of low cost, off-the-shelf platforms.

Testing the O-DU
TM500 O-DU Tester is an extension of the TM500 which has an unparalleled global support footprint to assist customers in expediting delivery and deployment around the world. This solution has already been used early on in End-to-End O-RAN performance tests to benchmark the O-RAN network against traditional 5G gNBs in a real customer environment. Though extensible to leverage the advantages of the TM500 as mentioned earlier, the TM500 O-DU tester is also flexible to test certain O-RAN functionalities that do not require the TM500, thereby enabling customers to manage costs as the complexity of test evolve.

Access to leading TM500 3GPP features over O-RAN: With seamless access to already leading 3GPP 5G features supported over RF, this means that customers can expect no performance compromises with feature combinations. Moreover, customers can re-use TM500 functionality and features already purchased thereby lowering costs of ownership and extending product use for other applications. Existing features and capabilities such as the latest high order Carrier Aggregations and MIMO, TM500 capacity, mobility and interoperability with legacy RATs like 4/4.5G can be re-used. The TM500 5G already supports today 1000’s of UEs with a rich KPI set for network performance testing over RF.- 5G functionalities supported over RF can be accessed over O-RAN as it matures. This is important to operators for End-To-End network performance testing and inter-operability with 4/4.5G where the TM500 clearly leads with its continued parallel investment in both 4/4.5/5G .- All mobility scenarios are supported over 5G key as the deployment scenarios become more complex.

Learn more about the TM500 O-DU Tester here

Testing the O-RU
The TM500 O-RU Tester covers a wide range of test capabilities, allowing customers to ensure conformance, inter-operability and performance testing including real-time generation of the O-RAN Control/User/Synchronization/Management plane messaging for the IQ data stream. The TM500 O-RU Tester supports inter-operability validation for different vendor O-RUs, addressing key challenges seen with testing within the O-RAN test framework.

Learn more about the TM500 O-RU Tester here

Industry Firsts

The TM500 had been the defacto industry-standard in network test since 3G and it showcased a 5G proof of concept back in 2013.  TM500 remains at the forefront of technology with an industry leading 3GPP and O-RAN roadmap with parallel in investment in 4/4.5/5G and O-RAN. 

Beyond 5G

VIAVI remain on the cutting-edge of network development and has helped the industry test and ready networks from lab to field during earlier standards transitions, TM500 will play a critical role in the testing and development of 6G over the next decade.
6G R&D must start now. It will require a new mindset and flexible, lab-based methodologies, which, working with a partner like VIAVI, will allow NEMs and service providers to easily and cost-effectively make the journey from 4.5G, 5G, all the way through to 6G. VIAVI continues to work with leaders in technology research creating proof of concepts for next generation networks.

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Strong Partnerships

VIAVI partners with our customers and other technology leaders to ensure we deliver the ideal solutions. 

VIAVI Equips Picocom to Validate O-RAN Small Cell Base Stations
VIAVI Enhances 5G Network Test Scalability and Productivity with TMLite
Mavenir and VIAVI Collaborate to Validate Radio Access Solutions in U.S.

World Class Support

TM500 is supported with the industry’s most in-depth skills and expertise as our support teams have been through the 3GPP evolution from 3G. VIAVI has the most experienced field support engineers and largest installed base with a long-established reputation. This ensures your engineering teams and testing labs have the support they need even with legacy technologies such as 4/4.5G. Our support structures are designed to track support performance to ensure that we are resolving issues in a timely manner when they arise. Our global reach not only ensures region support is available, but also flexibility is built in to provide remote support especially during these unprecedented times of travel restrictions. 

Key Features

  • Emulate 1000’s of mobile devices over 4/4.5 and 5G
  • Support of 3GPP release features including Release 15 and 16
  • Leading-edge Roadmap with regular software release cadence
  • Supports 5G SA and NSA
  • Supports Carrier Aggregation DL 8 CC CA/4 CC UL CA
  • Supports 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO
  • Supports NTN and RedCap
  • Integrated real data applications which includes support for VoNR
  • Vendor agnostic across the RAN & Core
  • Integrated realistic mobility models to emulate real RF channel conditions
  • Supports Massive MIMO and Multi-user MIMO testing/Beamforming over RF and O-RAN
  • Up to 4CC Carrier Aggregation in DL
  • Most comprehensive mobility scenarios with NSA and SA
  • OTA, RF and eCPRI
  • Re-use existing TM500 platform for O-RAN Testing
  • Stable and well proven automation capabilities with available APIs


  • Leading-edge roadmap and same software release across TM500 product family maintains, use and feel avoiding the learning of new software.
  • Layered mode testing e.g at PDCP, NAS, MTS allows parallel team gNB development and testing
  • No need to buy expensive Fading Channel Model simulator as mobility models are integrated with accurate feedback of Channel Status information for gNB scheduling performance testing.
  • Automation capability integrated and used by multiple NEMs around the world
  • Detailed and comprehensive logging and debugging capabilities with defaults while system is running with compromising on performance and stability for long duration tests
  • Rich 3GPP feature interactions even at scale while still delivering on performance
  • No performance reduction when mixing of features, mobility models and real data applications in regression and capacity tests.
  • Software quality and stability validated in-house with real gNBs and in customer environments.


  • 4G/5G Macro Base Station Test
  • System integration, Capacity, Conformance, Performance, Regression test
  • Massive MIMO Test
  • End-to-end test
  • O-RAN Test – component and interoperability test
  • Small Cell test
  • Private 5G test
  • Security test

Quick References

  • Repair and Calibration

    Our products live in rugged environments for over 10 years with 1000s of test connect/disconnect cycles.  We will be there to support you to ensure components that require maintenance like connectors, batteries, and software updates to ensure you are ready to test accurately for years to come. We apply factory procedures that use fast, automated calibration and functional verification, maintenance using OEM parts and the application of all engineering change orders and software updates. Services are available through contract Care plans, FleetCare or per incident as requests. 

    Top 4 Reasons to Choose VIAVI for Your Repair and Calibration Needs:

    • Minimize business disruption
    • Budget
    • Measurement Accuracy and Product Reliability
    • Measurement Compliance, TL9000 certification and OEM Standards

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    VIAVI Automated Lab-as-a-Service for Open RAN (VALOR) is a hybrid Lab-as-a-Service and Test-as-a-Service lab based on VIAVI’s industry leading NITRO® Wireless test portfolio. This solution is designed to manage and support 5G and Open RAN projects that would benefit from access to tools and expert staff with a minimal ramp-up time.

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