Scalable Manufacturing

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Scalable Manufacturing
Product quality and performance expectations in the field have increased significantly. As a result, design engineers and field technicians have challenged manufacturers to efficiently deliver each order, while maintaining detailed records to certify that each product meets the performance specifications required.

Meeting Quality and Performance Expectations

Manufacturers must maintain efficient processes that are repeatable for any member of their production crew. They also must remain flexible, as well as scalable, to accommodate the various product configurations that customers need. And, ensure that they have a means to document the quality and performance of  each product that comes off the manufacturing floor, with the awareness that many field technicians also have tools that can check the quality of the products they receive - returning anything that doesn’t meet requirements.

A Reputation for Excellence

For the past twenty years, the tools available as part of the VIAVI scalable manufacturing solution have been synonymous with fiber manufacturing expertise. With a vast product portfolio and eye to innovation, VIAVI’s comprehensive solution helps fiber connectivity and cabling manufacturers to build, test, document, and certify the performance of the products they build with ease, efficiency and confidence.

VIAVI’s scalable manufacturing solutions help to:

  • Ensure end-face quality to IEC standards, document results, and provide certification with the industry-leading Benchtop Fiber Inspection portfolio
  • Test and certify the patch cord performance of any configuration with our PCT product family
  • Effectively map PCT

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