Technology and Service Introduction

Reducing the Cost of Innovation

Technology and Service Introduction
Network equipment and components manufacturers are challenged to bring products to market quickly and profitably, while providing the most advanced systems at the lowest possible prices.

Maintain Accurate Testing

To meet the needs of network operators, manufacturers must implement aggressive development cycles, and deliver thoroughly tested, high-quality systems that can scale.

Product quality and performance expectations in the field have increased significantly. Manufacturers are expected to integrate accurate, reliable, traceable test systems for cutting-edge interfaces into their manufacturing flow. Field technicians that test the products they receive will immediately return anything that doesn’t meet their requirements.

Ensure Product Quality

VIAVI’s technology and service introduction solutions help manufacturers ensure that systems, sub-systems, and components have been thoroughly tested to meet most complex network demands.

Reliable optical test systems such as the MAP, a part of the VIAVI technology and service introduction solution, allow for integration and automation with manufacturing systems that operate 24/7. Advanced standards testing ensures that products perform as designed, reducing the cost of returns. Test data is accessible and reliable.

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