Cell Site Installation

Cell Site Installation and Commissioning

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Smarter solutions for cell site testing that help you save time, reduce errors and give your customers the service they deserve

Failure rates for first time installs are often up to 30%, requiring repeat visits that ultimately increase the cost of installation and damage contractor reputation. Quite simply, testing all elements across the network lifecycle saves time and money in the long term, while securing a better service for the end customer.

5G Installation

Installing means setting up new radios, Antenna, connecting all the fiber and coax cables, connecting power to the 5G cell-site. Deployment teams face challenges when staffing their crews and finding the right tools and management solutions to efficiently and consistently scale the 5G network infrastructure. The industry faces a shortage of trained staff and with multiple technologies at play, delivering consistent installation results is difficult. 

Installing a 5G cell site requires technicians to follow a standardized approach to perform a series of tests that ensure that all equipment performs to specification.  These can include a range of fiber tests, coax and sweep tests, cable and antenna analysis, connector tests, antenna alignment, and more, depending on the provider methods and procedures.

    Cell Site Installation Checklist for Different Test Scenarios

    With the VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 you can verify and troubleshoot radio access networks of all types, from private 5G networks, to land mobile radio networks, to legacy networks still providing great service.


    • Easy PIM Detection: all bands with one device, from the safety of the ground
    • Over-The-Air Sync and Timing
    • Easy Interference Analysis: with TAGS to automatically identify the correct uplink time-slot format, then isolate the interfering signal
    • Blind Scanner: quickly identify the active channels in use whether LTE, DSS, or 5G
    • Fiber Test: determine cleanliness of fiber end-point connections as well as the integrity of a fiber cable with one of multiple VIAVI OTDRs that pair with it
    • X-Haul: test the transmission effectiveness of the wired network, whether fronthaul, mid-haul, or the high-capacity backhaul

    The VIAVI test process automation (TPA) solution simplifies the process end to end. Offered on all VIAVI instruments for cell-site deployment, TPA allows novice technicians to deliver quality results every time by removing any guesswork and streamlining the workflow.

    Why VIAVI 

    • We provide smarter solutions for cell site testing that help you save time, reduce errors and give your customers the service they deserve, with: 
    • Easy-to-use tools 
    • Simplified test processes 
    • Remote access 
    • Automated workflows and report management 
    • Industry-leading service and support


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