How to Order Services

VIAVI supports your success in deploying test solutions with services designed to achieve ROI and business objectives.

There are three ways to buy service contracts which is determined by the product you own. 

3 Ways to Buy a Service Contract:

  1.  Upfront on the same PO as the product

    • Select a VIAVI Care Support Plan Contract
    • Select VIAVI Network Assurance Systems Coverage
  2. As a service contract renewal
    • Provide the current service contract number or service contract system handle
    • Add products to an existing or new FleetCare contract
  3. Buy a new service contract for an existing product that has no existing service contract coverage
    •  Additional coverage not purchased upfront with product and is now out of manufacturer warranty
    • Company has high employee turnover, acquires another company or has been buying service on an ad hoc basis and want to budget their maintenance better

Contact our VIAVI Global Renewals Team: to provide a service contract quotation to your team. 

There are 2 ways to order repair and/or calibration which is determined by if the unit currently is under service contract coverage or not; one eliminating downtime and the other increasing downtime. There is information we need to set up Service.

With a service contract/covered under warranty:

  1. Find unit serial number
  2. Fill out RMA Request Form
  3. Pay to ship unit in with RMA, VIAVI pays to return back

Without a service contract / not covered under warranty:

  1. Find unit serial number
  2. Fill out RMA Request Form
  3. Get price quote from Customer Operations for flat rate pricing, ad hoc
  4. Request your company internal PO / Credit Card 
  5. Send PO / provide Credit Card
  6. Pay to ship unit in with RMA and back

Top Reasons for an On-Site Service visit

  • Eliminate downtime by servicing many units at once in same day
  • Calibrations can be performed on-site eliminating shipping costs
  • Extended Warranties can be purchased to protect the unit from unbudgeted expense

Steps to Order an On-Site Service

  1. Determine best central location to have an On-Site Service performed
  2. Provide a list of models and serial number
  3. Fill out quote request as an On-Site Service
  4. Schedule On-Site visit with Services Department
  5. Invoiced based on the units we complete service
  6. Calibration Certificates are provided

  1. Determine what product class your team needs
  2. Figure out the method you would like the training delivered
  3. Consider the time frame you would like Training delivered in
  4. Fill out the Request Form on the Product Class page
  5. Trainer can tailor a training course to suit your team's learning needs
  6. Training Manager will send a price quote
  7. Send in PO or pay by Credit Card
  8. Schedule class with Trainer

If you are ready to place an order, please go to our How to Buy Section and select your country to learn which VIAVI business entity to issue your PO to, and where to send your PO. 

Please fill out this form to request a Service Contracts quote