Transport Network Operations

Reduce Costs with End-to-End Visibility

Transport Network Operations
With over 700 million fixed-broadband subscriptions and billions of mobile devices in use globally, providers are under pressure to find and fix problems quickly so network issues cannot negatively impact revenue.

The Path to Self-Optimizing Networks

While demand for improved high-speed internet and business ethernet continues, heightened market competition and complexities created by the expectation of constant connectivity raise the risk of lost revenue, as companies struggle to meet and exceed service-level agreements (SLAs). Providers now seek solutions that can be everywhere--leveraging unprecedented visibility to provide actionable insights that build toward a self-optimizing network.

Powerful Solutions

VIAVI’s transport network operation solution touches every part of the service lifecycle from construction, to service activation, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting, regardless of interface or infrastructure type. During the construction of networks, or re-verification of existing infrastructure, VIAVI’s solution for field technicians marries best-in-class fiber or copper characterization tools with the simplicity and convenience of a cloud-based system for workflow, result and asset management. This provides peace of mind that the physical network is ready for traffic.

At the time of service activation, VIAVI’s solution offers in-the-field coverage for every physical interface found in a transport network from 0 to 100G. Portable field tools can be managed with VIAVI’s cloud-based system and can also be part of a virtualized test methodology, creating an agile environment where customer service activation and troubleshooting can be done efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner. 

VIAVI’s network-installed test heads, probes and fiber monitoring tools provide not only 24/7 availability for turn-up tests and troubleshooting, but also include performance monitoring that provides high resolution measurement of traffic volume (bursts) at any point in the network. This can be used to understand and accurately predict network capacity expansions. The end-to-end visibility of this solution includes a focus on end-user QoE.

Use the VIAVI transport network operation solution to help:

  • Construct your transport network rapidly and efficiently and have peace of mind it’s ready for business
  • Rapidly activate services whether it’s for mobile backhaul or 100G transport using field technicians, network-embedded systems and virtualized tests all managed with a cloud-based system to track workflow and job progress
  • Monitor the performance of the in-service network and derive actionable insights for future service improvement, new product introductions, or rapid fault resolution
  • Reduce trouble tickets and cut the mean time to repair by dispatching the right technician to the right place, at the right time
  • Correlate end-user QoE with other data sources to optimize video and broadband services without having to put probes everywhere

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