OneAdvisor 800 Transport Platform

Field-ready network test platform up to 400G

OneAdvisor 800

The OneAdvisor 800 is a field-ready test tool that delivers all the test capabilities technicians and engineers need to install and maintain high-capacity networks up to 400G. Four-hundred gigabit Ethernet technology requires more energy and generates more heat than low-capacity networks. The OneAdvisor 800’s superior battery life and industry-leading heat dissipation make it perfectly suited to 400G testing in the field, including metro/core, data center interconnect, and business services testing. The OneAdvisor 800 features the same user interface as all in the T-BERD/MTS Family.


Key Benefits

  • Conveniently Portable. One of the smallest 400G test devices available
  • Unmatched Cooling. Best in class for 400G portables – easy to cool ZR pluggables
  • Superior Battery Life. Scalable to multiple batteries which enables hours of unconnected use
  • Broad Test Coverage. Modularity delivers all-in-one solution across lines rates and protocols
  • Flexible. Tests fiber (OTDR, OSA) and all Ethernet rates (400, 200, 100, 50, 40, 25, 10, and 1) 
  • Multiple Optics Support. QSFP-DD/ QSFPx, OSFP, SFP-DD/SFPx enabled, and full coherent optic support 


  • Future-Proofed. Test new and future technology including PAM4, NRZ and Forward Error Correction. Covers unique rates such as 50GE on SFP56 optics
  • Consistent Results. Built-in, scripted workflows like QuickCheck, RFC 2544, and OTN Check Optics Self-Test drive test consistency across users
  • Expandable. Add more test capabilities as test needs change and grow.  Pairs with the VIAVI 4100-Series OTDR and WDM Channel Checker/OSA modules. Combines with 5G Radio Frequency analysis tools.  

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VIAVI Care Support

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