400G Transport Module

The Industry's Most Integrated and Compact Tool for Up to 400Gbps Testing for OneAdvisor 800

Provides full rate and optic coverage, in addition to OTDR, OSA, and RF support.

400G Transport Module for OneAdvisor 800
OneAdvisor 800

The 400G Transport Module for OneAdvisor 800 is the industry’s most integrated and compact tool for up to 400Gbps testing.  This solution provides full rate coverage to address service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.  The Transport Module 400G provides optics coverage for QSFP-DD/QSFPx, OSFP and SFP-DD/SFPx. In addition, the OneAdvisor 800 integrates fiber optic testing with OTDRs, OSAs and can also be combined with 5G RF testing in one. 

The 400G Transport Module provides broad support of multiple interface types with a built-in GNSS receiver for future expansion. The test interfaces include a QSFP-DD, an OSFP, and two SFP-DD physical ports. The reporting of full power consumption is available for all optics types. Capabilities feature native PAM4 and NRZ with electrical pre-emphasis support. Superior cooling capabilities enable the support of 400GE ZR/ZR+ pluggable optics. The 400G Transport Module provides the following Ethernet rates: 400GE, 200GE, 100GE with no FEC, RS (528,514) FEC or full RS (544,514) FEC, 50GE on SFP56, 40GE, 25GE (FEC or bypass), 10GE; 1GE is planned. It also supports OTU4, OTU3, OTU2e, OTU1e, and OTU2.

Key Benefits

  • Conveniently Portable. One of the smallest 400G test devices available
  • Unmatched Cooling. Best in class for 400G portables – easy to cool ZR pluggables
  • Superior Battery Life. Scalable to multiple batteries which enables hours of unconnected use
  • Broad Test Coverage. Modularity delivers all-in-one solution across lines rates and protocols y Flexible. Tests fiber (OTDR, OSA) and all Ethernet rates (400, 200, 100, 50, 40, 25, 10, and 1)
  • Multiple Optics Support. QSFP-DD/QSFPx, OSFP, SFP-DD/SFPx enabled, and full coherent optic support


  • Future-Proofed. Test new and future technology including PAM4, NRZ and Forward Error Correction. Covers unique rates such as 50GE on SFP56 optics
  • Consistent Results. Scripted workflows that drive test consistency across users; QuickCheck, RFC 2544, OTN Check Optics Self-Test
  • Expandable. Pairs with the VIAVI 4100-Series OTDR and WDM Channel Checker/OSA modules. Combines with 5G Radio Frequency analysis.

How to Get Started

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