WAN Performance Testing

Higher Speeds Mean Higher Stakes – Ensure Network Quality With WAN Performance Testing

WAN Performance Testing
In today’s digital marketplace, enterprises need high-performance WANs to keep their servers, applications, and data connected, and their operations running smoothly. In some situations, the right WAN performance testing tools can be the difference between a disaster and happy customers, both internally and externally.

End-to-End WAN Performance Testing

The VIAVI WAN performance testing solutions are engineered to enable users to test WAN and Internet connections to verify their network provider’s SLAs and to ensure that they’re getting what they’re paying for. These WAN test solutions facilitate the end-to-end WAN performance testing of a link connecting a branch office to headquarters, for example. Because those links are critical yet expensive, many organizations have implemented WAN optimization projects to transmit as much traffic as possible through their connections. The VIAVI WAN testing solutions will verify if those WAN optimization projects are yielding the proper results. With a VIAVI device, a technician can quickly check basic connectivity, as well as more in-depth WAN testing to validate key performance indicators like latency, packet loss, and jitter, without having to trust the information provided by the network provider.

WAN Performance Testing Capabilities

  • Verify carrier-provided Service Level Agreements by testing the service for key performance indicators like latency
  • Test TCP throughput, the network layer where a significant percentage of Enterprise traffic flows, and where most network providers don’t test

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