MPO Testing

Industry leading, award winning, purpose-built MPO Test Solutions

VIAVI delivers the industry’s most complete portfolio of test solutions for MPO connectivity. From automated fiber end-face inspection, to length/loss measurements and OTDR testing, testing MPO with VIAVI solutions equip technicians with the ability to ensure network performance without the hassles that come with legacy tools.


Fiberchek Sidewinder

FiberChek Sidewinder

"All-in-one" handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO.
SmartClass Fiber MPOLx MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

SmartClass Fiber MPOLx - MPO Optical Loss Test Sets

The VIAVI Solutions SmartClass Fiber MPOLx is the industry’s first dedicated optical loss test set that can perform all the test requirements for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using MPO fiber connectivity.
Fiber Complete Pro

FiberComplete PRO

Bidirectional IL/ORL and OTDR fiber acceptance testing done with just one fiber connection and a single button press. A complete suite of fully automated fiber testing capabilities designed to streamline the construction and qualification of any type of fiber optic network.
MPO based Switch Module

Multi-fiber MPO based Switches for Field Instruments

High capacity switches (12 to 192 ports) solutions ease and automate High fiber count cables certification: OTDR, Bi-directional OTDR, Bi-directional IL/ORL
Smart Link Mapper (SLM) Applications for OTDR Testing

Smart Link Mapper (SLM) Applications for OTDR Testing

Icon-based map view of OTDR events and instant pass/fail display for easy OTDR results interpretation and analysis.
FVAm Benchtop Microscopes

FVAm Series Benchtop Microscopes

"All-in-one" benchtop inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO

MPO Migration

As fiber networks continue to migrate more towards MPO connectivity, technicians are finding that their legacy test tools are no longer sufficient for the job. Using tools that were not designed for MPO has introduced challenges ranging from taking extra steps during inspection and testing to needing additional equipment to perform tests. All this adds up to extended test times and frustration. 

VIAVI Solutions has developed an extensive portfolio of industry leading, award winning test solutions that are purpose built for testing MPO, giving technicians with the ability to ensure the MPO performance in any fiber network. Not only do our solutions help you test efficiently, they also drive you to test correctly, eliminating unnecessary steps and driving best practice test methods.

MPO Test Solutions from VIAVI

VIAVI is addressing the evolution in MPO connector testing with four new–and fast–solutions:

FiberChek Sidewinder - The most critical element to ensuring quality MPO connections is end-face condition. The Sidewinder inspects all the fibers of an MPO connector in a matter of seconds.  Watch FiberChek Sidewinder Quick Tip Videos
SmartClass Fiber MPOLx
SmartClass Fiber MPOLx - Measuring length, loss, and polarity for MPO connectors has been a challenge, especially when adapting existing MPO backbones to new services. The MPOLx delivers comprehensive test results in less than 6 seconds for all 12 fibers of the MPO connector.  Watch SmartClass Fiber MPOLx Quick Tip Videos
MPO Switch - OTDR testing
MPO Switch - OTDR testing of MPO allows for characterization of the link or channel (uniformity of cable attenuation) as well as fault isolation to prevent unnecessary service interruptions. The MPO Switch reduces test time by 50% and automates test workflow, certification, and reporting.
Smart Link Mapper (SLM)
Smart Link Mapper (SLM) - The SLM intelligent optical software application helps technicians use an OTDR more effectively, without the need to understand or interpret OTDR results. Each event is displayed as an icon giving users a schematic view of the entire link, known as Smart Link.


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