Multi-fiber MPO based Switches for Field Instruments

4100 Series Module for T-BERD/MTS-4000 and OneAdvisor 800 Platforms

High capacity switches (12 to 192 ports) solutions ease and automate High fiber count cables certification: OTDR, Bi-directional OTDR, Bi-directional IL/ORL

MPO based Switch Module
High-Capacity MPO Based External Switch

The multi fiber MPO based switches coupled with an OTDR 4100 series or with FiberComplete 4100B series modules…FiberComplete* (Bi-directional IL/ORL +OTDR) module are the best way to automate fiber certifications.

Save time

  • Run automatically OTDR tests with a bulk sequence from 12 to 196 and get rid of idle time
  • Automatically generate and archive files results, fiber and cable reports

Measure with confidence

  • Answer to all test needs with one START : OTDR or Bi-directional OTDR on simplex or multi-fiber networks
  • Ensure reliable MPO native networks testing with reduced manual process and complexity


  • Construction - High fiber count cables certifications
    • DataCenter interconnect (Campus, Metro)
    • FTTH/ Access: point to multipoint  


  • See relevant products data sheets for all information and modules and platforms compatibilities

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