Multi-fiber MPO based Switches for Field Instruments

High Capacity Optical Switches for T-BERD/MTS-4000 V2 and OneAdvisor 800 Platforms

High capacity switch solutions (12 to 192 ports) to ease and automate high fiber count cable certification: OTDR, Bidirectional OTDR, Bidirectional IL/ORL

The multi-fiber MPO based optical switches coupled with an OTDR 4100 series (OTDR) module or FiberCompleteTM 4100B series module (bidirectional IL/ORL + OTDR) are the best way to automate bulk fiber certification.


Save Time

  • Automatically run OTDR tests in a batch sequence, between 12 to 196 fibers, and get rid of idle time
  • Automatically generate and archive test result files, fiber and cable reports

Measure with confidence

  • Answer to all test needs, single button press to start OTDR or bidirectional OTDR certification of simplex or multi-fiber networks
  • Ensure reliable testing of native MPO networks with reduced manual processes and complexity


  • Construction: high fiber count cable certification
    • Data Center Interconnect (DCI): campus or metro
    • FTTH/Access: point to multipoint

  • Compact MPO Based Embedded Switch Module (4100 Series)

    Compact MPO Based Embedded Switch Module (4100 Series)

    All-in-one integrated optical switch module for the T-BERD/MTS-4000 V2 platform to automate uni-directional/bidirectional OTDR testing (with OTDR modules) or bidirectional IL/ORL and uni-directional/bidirectional OTDR testing (with FiberComplete PRO) from 1-12 fibers.

  • High Capacity MPO Based External Switches

    High Capacity MPO Based External Switches

    All-in-one integrated external optical switch for the T-BERD/MTS-4000 V2 and OneAdvisor 800 platforms to automate uni-directional/bidirectional OTDR batch testing (with OTDR modules) for high fiber count cables from 48 to 192 fibers.

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