Exercisers and Generators

Exercisers and generators for protocol compliance testing and signal quality evaluation

An Xgig Generator is a combination of hardware and software which can transmit user defined data packets to a device under test (DUT). It is used together with an Analyzer which monitors the DUT's response. An Xgig Exerciser can both transmit data packets and respond to input packets from the DUT enabling complex test cases.


Xgig 6P16 Analyzer/Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

Xgig 6P4 Exerciser for PCI Express 6.0

4-lane PCIe6 Exerciser solution with support for CXL and NVMe
PCI Express Host Test Stand for Xgig PCIe 5.0 Exerciser

Xgig Exerciser Host Test Stand Interposer Module for PCI Express 5.0

The PCIe Exerciser Host Test Stand provides connectivity and power to a PCIe adapter card endpoint for testing and qualification.
Xgig Exerciser for PCI Express 5.0

Xgig Exerciser for PCI Express 5.0

The PCIe Exerciser generates PCIe data streams and responses for compliance testing and analysis PCIe 5.0 protocol.

Xgig 1000 16G Fiber Channel and 10G and 40G Ethernet Portable Analysis and Test Platform

Comprehensive multiprotocol analysis, load testing, and error injection for all SAN/NAS technologies.

Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite

Medusa Labs Test Tools Suite is the leading application-based data testing and signal integrity testing tool enabling developers to identify, locate, and resolve elusive errors through stress testing before products are released to market.

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