Interference Hunting

Detect, locate, and eliminate RF interference

Interference Hunting
Eliminate RF Interference in 5G Networks for Better Customer Experience and Reduced Churn

Interference is the presence of disruptive signals affecting radio communications in either the uplink (UL) or downlink (DL) path, resulting in network issues. Interference can originate from the network itself (internal) or nearby transmission systems (external). Cell phones are particularly susceptible to interference due to their lower UL transmission power compared to base stations' DL. Even low-power interfering signals in the UL can lead to retransmissions, reduced capacity, and service disruptions, resulting in dissatisfied customers and increased churn.

Types of UL interference:

  • Passive intermodulation (PIM) usually on the feedline, antenna or nearby metal elements 
  • Interference in time division duplex signals (LTE and 5G) due to radio synchronization and timing issues 
  • Interference from external sources, which are increasingly appearing in the radio access network 

OneAdvisor 800 Wireless

All-in-One Cell Site Installation and Maintenance Test Platform

Timing and Synchronization Poster

5G Solutions for Mobile Service Providers

Hunting down RF Interference

VIAVI offers a single, compact solution, which simplifies interference hunting by addressing all three types of interference.

The OneAdvisor 800 Wireless is a complete solution that enables the consolidation of multiple test tools, but it also packs value-added features into each test category, thus making the user's job much simpler:

  • Testing for multiple types of interference with one device
  • Scaling test capabilities as MOPs expand
  • Simplifying interference testing

In addition, the InterferenceAdvisor offers automated RF interference hunting, eliminating guesswork. With easy setup and user-friendly interface, it swiftly identifies and locates interference sources using voice-guided directions on an Android tablet map. It seamlessly integrates with OneAdvisor 800 Wireless, retrieving RF power data and creating a power heat-map during a drive test. InterferenceAdvisor rapidly detects the highest interference presence area and provides precise driving directions. This reduces the time required to find external interference from days to just hours.


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