Optical Power Meters

VIAVI power meters are essential for installing and maintaining fiber optic networks. Demo the full range, from multi-use to dedicated PON and FTTH.

Optical Power Meters

VIAVI offers fast, cost-effective, and easy-to-use power meters for installation and maintenance of single mode and multimode fiber optic networks and advanced, photonic-layer power meters for lab and production environments.


Fiber optic cabling forms the central nervous system of our vast global communication infrastructure. Optical power levels over fiber networks must be monitored and maintained to optimize bandwidth, performance, and reliability. This makes the optical power meter a primary test device for all fiber deployments.

VIAVI has taken optical power meter technology into the next generation. Ruggedized, purpose-built power meters compliment all-in-one options with advanced feature sets and fiber inspection capabilities. Integration, automation, and ease of use are at the core of every VIAVI optical power meter found in the lab, field, or production floor. As a result, we offer some of the best optimal power meters on the market.  

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