Unified Communications

Holistic Visibility: Proactive Insights for Peak Performance

Unified Communications
Delve into the comprehensive UC and VoIP analysis features of VIAVI Observer Apex, from seamless integration of packet and flow data to interactive call visualizations, providing a holistic view that accelerates root cause analysis and enhances overall UC management.

Unified Communications Analysis with VIAVI Observer

In today's fast-paced business environment, Unified Communications (UC) plays an essential role in connecting teams, streamlining communication, and enhancing overall productivity. However, as organizations increasingly rely on UC services, the need for efficient performance management and troubleshooting has become more apparent than ever.

The Challenge: Time-Consuming Troubleshooting

According to the VIAVI State of the Network Study, a significant percentage of VoIP engineers spend a substantial amount of time troubleshooting UC issues. Almost 49% of them dedicate 10-20 hours, while 42% spend up to 10 hours on these challenges.

Effectively troubleshooting unified communications poses several challenges for VoIP experts, requiring them to navigate multiple UC platforms and tools, assess reported issues for scope and impact, and even attempt to capture and analyze packets from multiple locations to identify root causes. Recognizing this issue, VIAVI Observer presents a game-changing solution to transform Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into actionable insights.


Addressing the Issue: Efficient Troubleshooting for UC Assurance

To alleviate the time, cost, and business impact associated with troubleshooting complex or intermittent problems, the Observer platform empowers VoIP engineers to swiftly identify, understand, and resolve UC issues. Observer collects, analyzes, and visualizes both packet and flow data from multiple points across the network. This intelligent analysis is used to populate a variety of views from global performance summaries to detailed single-call analysis, with single-click access to packets when needed.

Our platform integrates packet and flow data, providing visibility into the end-to-end network path. It also provides insights into the KPIs and quality of service settings along that path, contributing to degraded calls. Observer's intuitive interface simplifies the process of proactively identifying issues at a global level, understanding the impact on a site-by-site basis, and seamlessly transitioning into effective problem resolution.

Addressing VoIP Experts' Challenges

Today's VoIP experts face numerous challenges, including managing multiple UC platforms, validating reported issues, and efficiently identifying, responding to, and resolving incidents. VIAVI Observer addresses these challenges:

  • Real-time Quality Assurance for unified communication services, with a focus on accelerated root-cause analysis for Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) issues, providing actionable insights for quick issue resolution.
  • Enhanced Searchability and Troubleshooting by site, UC endpoint, or phone number, significantly reduces the effort required to identify problematic calls, enabling VoIP experts to pinpoint root cause the first time.
  • Comprehensive Performance Understanding with packet and flow-based insights seamlessly combined into efficient workflows and actionable visualizations, provides a thorough analysis of the variables affecting a call's quality on its journey through the network.

The VIAVI Advantage for Unified Communications

Elevate and simplify your Unified Communications (UC) management approach with purpose-built dashboards and streamlined workflows. Interactive Call Details visualizations illuminate the paths the calls traverse through network infrastructure, precisely identifying locations and reasons for quality degradation. With one-click access to relevant packet data, VoIP and UC experts are equipped with all the essential information needed to monitor call quality and conduct efficient troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • UC Performance Dashboard:
    • Gain a comprehensive global view of UC performance across all sites.
    • Clearly identify the precise location and timing of potential issues.
  • UC Site Dashboard:
    • Analyze call quality by site pairs.
    • Understand network interface utilization, DSCP values, and call quality by hosts and individual calls.
  • UC Interactive Call Details:
    • Visualize the intricate journey of a single call through infrastructure devices.
    • Highlight the origins of quality degradation for swift remediation.
    • Gain direct access to relevant packets, facilitating in-depth analysis and precise issue resolution.

Visualize the call journey with UC Interactive Call Details

Discover the power of our Interactive Call Details, transforming both packet and flow data into intuitive visualizations that vividly illustrate the journey of calls through the network infrastructure. Identify the location and root cause(s) of poor UC performance effortlessly, ensuring significantly improved Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). This feature empowers both UC experts and non-specialists to rapidly spot and address the root causes of UC performance problems, providing a seamless and enhanced communication experience.


VIAVI Observer Platform - Unleashing the Power of Unified Integration

VIAVI Observer Platform provides a comprehensive suite of features designed for seamless integration, proactive monitoring, real-time troubleshooting, and expedited root cause analysis. Elevate your UC management and troubleshooting capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication experience for both end users and IT professionals. Experience the power of transformed KPIs, actionable insights, and reduced time-to-resolution.

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