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Level up your network and services with precision visibility where it matters most.

Take performance to the next level with the VIAVI Observer platform, where the complexities of modernized networks become opportunities for excellence.

In an era where applications span private data centers, public clouds, and edge locations, traditional monitoring solutions fall short. Our commitment is to empower organizations to proactively safeguard networks, achieve deeper insights, troubleshoot complex cloud environments seamlessly, recognize thousands of apps natively, and visualize the journey of calls effortlessly. 

Moreover, managing the end-user experiences, investing time in troubleshooting Unified Communications (UC) deployments, and addressing risks tied to non-compliant certificates are not merely hurdles but avenues for improvement. These challenges compound the difficulties faced by organizations striving for optimal network performance in an evolving and dynamic technological landscape. 

Explore our enhanced capabilities that can propel your performance to the next level, where innovation meets performance optimization.  

Next-Level Performance Management

The VIAVI Observer platform seamlessly integrates the various aspects of network performance management, converting complex data into actionable information, with unique patented capabilities that deliver the visibility to take performance to the next level. 

  1. UC Call Visualization: Visualize the journey of calls, identifying root causes effortlessly.
  2. Deeper EUE Scoring:  Identify and prioritize issues effectively with per-domain deductions.
  3. Certificate Analysis:  Proactively safeguard networks against risks posed by non-compliant certificates.
  4. Enhanced App Recognition:  DPI-driven identification of thousands of business and non-business applications.
  5. Azure and AWS Visibility:  Gain essential visibility in Azure environments with NSG flow log support, equivalent to AWS capabilities, ensuring efficient troubleshooting across hybrid and multi-vendor environments.

VIAVI Observer Platform Innovations Enhance Visibility
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VIAVI stands at the ready as a proven and trusted partner, delivering an industry leading platform for actionable insights and simplified troubleshooting. Identify issues sooner, prioritize them correctly, and resolve them more efficiently than ever. 

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