State of the Network


VIAVI Solutions completes 15th global State of the Network Study

Beginning in 2007, we have asked IT professionals responsible for supporting the network, infrastructure, and applications their status—including what has worked and what has not—as well as their initiatives for the next three years. The results offer relevant, independent information to anyone in similar roles that seeks to persevere and continue to be one-step ahead of emerging challenges they may face.

2023 State of the Network Study

More than 300 IT professionals across various industry verticals, job functions, geographies, and departments share their biggest challenges and path forward as they steadfastly work to deliver peak IT services while leading business in the ongoing digital transformation.

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2023 State of the Network

Captures the tenacity of IT teams as they rise to the many challenges of maintaining peak application and network performance.

2021 State of the Network

As we emerge from the ashes of challenging times, IT embraces digital transformation to resolve the skills gap, UC issues, and cyberattack response.

2020 State of the Network

In this age of dynamic disruption, this year's study uncovers that comprehensive visibility is essential to maintaining optimal IT service delivery.

2019 State of the Network

Increasing partnerships between network and security teams proves to be a critical strategy for enterprise IT data and resource protection.

2018 State of the Network

With evolving network infrastructure, IT teams are challenged to maintain visibility into performance.

2017 State of the Network

New threats emerge prompting increased involvement of network teams in security issues.

2016 State of the Network

The adoption and management of new cloud and hybrid IT environments has challenged the enterprise in surprising ways.

2015 State of the Network

Network teams are taking on additional responsibilities in response to more sophisticated attacks. Security has become everyone's business.

2014 State of the Network

Network professionals reveal application challenges, bandwidth demand, and real attitudes towards SDN defining it as a "road trip without a map."

2013 State of the Network

Uncover how IT teams stretched thin monitoring new technologies of Cloud, Big Data, and mobile, are best coping with these opportunities.

2012 State of the Network

Application troubleshooting challenges are top of mind for IT professionals, how do they deal with bandwidth crunches and the impact of cloud?

2010 State of the Network

With cloud and virtualization really hitting mainstream, how are network professionals dealing with these new black holes?

2009 State of the Network

Facing an economic downturn and tightening budgets, cost-conscious network engineers are embracing to maximize productivity and visibility.

2008 State of the Network

Discover critical troubleshooting trends and delve in-depth into the adoption and challenges of VoIP, MPLS and higher network speeds.

2007 State of the Network

With VoIP shifting to near mainstream with 45 percent adoption, what are the chief performance and monitoring concerns network teams face?