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Telecommunications services are central to everyday life, both at home and at work. Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) services have enabled a world where remote working is the norm, supported by service providers. These Telcos have even been instrumental in helping governments monitor and quell a pandemic. Fixed and mobile broadband has fueled an unprecedented rise in video conferencing to help us stay connected amid lockdowns and physical distancing, with even healthcare and retail services shifting online. But these networks and applications need to be kept up and running and fixed fast if there is a problem. However, assuring the necessary level of reliable service to subscribers has never been more difficult.

According to the EY Digital Transformation (2020 and beyond) report, the single biggest challenge Telco’s face is disruptive competition from vendors in technology and service management. Service providers using legacy tools are finding it increasingly difficult to assure smooth and continuous delivery of vital applications. Service providers need to expand into the next generation of product offerings, going beyond the basics of VoIP, to deliver everything from SMS to Internet messaging and, 5G broadband. The competition is stiff and Telcos that are not at the forefront of digital innovation are losing subscribers and failing to attract new ones. 

Keeping subscribers satisfied is far from easy. Service Providers must often provide forensic evidence to prove that the network is not at fault. Because service providers are the backbone of the network, they are blamed for problems that are caused by client, server, or application issues. Without full path visibility, service providers are forever caught in a blame game with the subscriber because they do not have the evidence at hand to exonerate the network.

How to Exonerate the Network: Reducing Mean Time to Innocence

Let’s examine a common scenario. Tier 3 support receives an urgent phone call from their sales team; a large subscriber has reported an outage, and the subscriber’s IT team has found that you, their Internet Service Provider (ISP), is at fault. How can the service provider challenge what the subscriber has to say? With VIAVI Observer GigaStor Portable, you can gather the necessary network insights on-site to identify and fix performance issues before they escalate. These insights provide service providers with instantaneous domain isolation for the trouble areas using End-User Experience (EUE) Scoring. 

4.4 User Experience

End-User Experience Scoring Includes Drilldown into Network Data for Forensic Analysis

The EUE scoring compiles over 30 different KPI’s into a single score. Regardless of whether it’s a client, server, application or a network problem, Observer gives you the answer, with easy drill down into the network data for further forensic analysis. For service providers, this means that we provide mean time to innocence for the network, allowing you to inform the subscriber where their problems really are along with the evidence to back it up.

See Observer in Action: View Demo Now

Here's an example of a network performance issue that the subscriber may have deduced is an ISP issue, when the root cause is actually a single Oracle server that caused problems with Salesforce. To see how Observer exonerated the network for this performance issue, view the demo here.


Handling Subscriber Complaints: The Power of Proactive

The best way to handle subscriber complaints is to get in front of them. With automated, role-based workflows backed by End-User Experience score, VIAVI Observer can enable service providers to identify a problem before a subscriber can open a trouble ticket. Site-based performance dashboards make it easy to visually identify areas of poor user experience, so that you can find and fix performance issues before they escalate. You can ensure smooth delivery to your end-users while minimizing the workload on your support teams.

Observer Apex Dashboard

Site-Based Performance Dashboards with End-User Experience Score

When it comes to troubleshooting network and application performance issues, the network is an easy target. Observer provides the evidence needed for service providers to prove that it is not the network at fault, and also delivers the intelligent insights to inform the subscriber where their problems really are so that they can fix them. 

It’s never been more difficult to retain customers and attract new ones with the increased complexity of the today’s hybrid IT landscape. Invest in your network observability strategy to assure smooth continuity of services to your end-users, maximize ARPU, and keep your subscribers happy. Learn more at