Observer Network TAPs

24 modules. Up to 100 Gb. Unsurpassed scalability. The new High-Density Optical nTAP will meet every item on your checklist.

Simple and Effective

Network TAPs, part of the Observer Platform, make data access easy. Install sturdy, reliable nTAPs from VIAVI Solutions on critical links for round-the-clock access to traffic without disrupting data flow or wasting time.

Network TAPs are passive devices; traffic keeps flowing even when power doesn't. With streamlined form factors and an array of configuration options, nTAPs are the smart choice for feeding network analyzers, monitoring tools, and security devices – all while decreasing the risk of dropped data.

Quick to deploy and economical to implement, our network TAPs provide important devices the visibility they need.

Need a Network Monitoring Switch? Learn more about the new Observer Matrix Switch that includes many advanced features in a compact, scalable design.

Install Observer Aggregator nTAPs on 10 Mb, 100 Mb, or 1 Gb links for quick, anytime access to network traffic. Designed for low-to-moderate utilization full-duplex links, Aggregator nTAPs merge data into single streams for transmission up to two single-receive analysis devices. Industry-leading buffer sizes offer less likelihood of lost packets than SPAN ports to ensure critical traffic reaches analyzers, remote monitoring appliances, and forensics tools. For networks and analyzers of different topologies, an Observer Conversion Aggregator nTAP is available.

Install Observer Conversion nTAPs on 10 Mb, 100 Mb, or 1 Gb links for quick, anytime access to network traffic. When analyzers and similar monitoring devices communicate over different topologies than the network, Optical-to-Copper or Copper-to-Optical nTAPs bridge the gap. Conversion nTAPs make copies of network data, sending one back to the network and the other out for analysis.

Install Observer Copper nTAPs on 10 Mb, 100 Mb, or 1 Gb copper links for quick, anytime access to network traffic. Depending on your network, choose 10/100 or 10/100/1000 copper nTAPs to send perfect copies of critical traffic to network analyzers, remote monitoring appliances, forensics tools, and similar dual-receive devices. For further flexibility an Observer Copper-to-Optical Conversion nTAP is available.

Install Observer Optical nTAPs on 1, 10, or 40 Gb single or multi-mode optical links. Or select our newest offering, the Observer High-Density Optical nTAP (HDOT) to mix and match these network speeds or 100 Gb in any combination across 24 modules in a 1U rack.

For more information, visit our Observer Platform page.

Which nTAP do I need?

Which nTAP do I need?

Use our TAP wizard to discover the best tap for analysis of your network link.

Tap vs Span

Tap vs Span

Learn the pros and cons of TAPs and SPANs in analysing your network traffic.

Observer TAPs

Aggregation nTAPs
Transfer network traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper analysis or security device in a single stream.

Conversion nTAPs
Copy traffic from a full-duplex copper link and send it to a copper or optical monitoring device – also available with aggregation functionality.

Copper nTAPs
Easily send Ethernet traffic from a full-duplex copper link to a copper monitoring device with Observer Copper TAPs.

Optical nTAPs
With several options available, you can scale up to 24 modules in one unit of rack with the High-Density Optical TAP (HDOT).

Which nTAP do I need? Tap vs Span