Threat Exposure Management Reimagined. See More. Know More.

Reveal potential and active threats in your cloud environment with traffic-driven insights.

Threat Exposure Management
Unlock the full story behind your security events. From unwanted potential exposures to active breach investigations – VIAVI provides the cloud visibility you need. 

Reimagine your defenses against evolving threats to your AWS environment with VIAVI Observer Sentry. 

  • See more: Unintended exposures, attack paths, key resources, and workloads at risk.
  • Know more: How should a risk be prioritized? Has an exposed resource been compromised?

Our threat exposure management approach blends the results of internal resource and relationship discovery, external “smart scans,” traffic analysis, and vivid visualizations to help strengthen your security posture.  

Discover how we enable rapid identification, prioritization, and remediation of exposures and vulnerabilities in one platform. Connect with us to see how to transform the way you approach Threat Exposure Management (TEM).

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Reimagined: Threat Exposure Management

VIAVI Observer Sentry takes threat exposure management to the next level by integrating traffic visibility. See what could happen and know what actually happened. With innovative features designed to reshape the way you think about managing your external attack surface, Observer Sentry offers these key benefits: 

  • Traffic Visibility: When unintended exposures are identified, traffic-driven insights clearly identify external connection attempts, successful connections, and traffic volumes associated with specific ports/protocols. 
  • Attack and Exposure Path Management: See the end-to-end exposure and attack paths for VMs, services, storage and containers within minutes, identifying unintentional or unknown exposures in actionable content for quick remediation. 
  • Full Security Visibility: Provides comprehensive visibility needed to understand your cloud stack, using agentless technology that continuously scans all of your AWS accounts and VPCs simultaneously. 
  • Easy Prioritization: Continuously prioritize critical risks based on the analysis of misconfigurations, network exposure, vulnerabilities, and other factors in a simplified view to accelerate remediation. 

Threat Exposure Management Reimagined
Ready to take threat exposure management to the next level?

Detect, prioritize, and remediate risks in your AWS environment.

Find out how to improve your overall AWS security posture by reducing your attack surface with the integration of VPC Flow Log-driven traffic visibility.  See more, know more, and connect with a VIAVI expert today

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