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Observer Probes

Cover your edge and remote network sites with Observer Probes. Monitor performance and aggregate across sites with GigaStor within Apex for broad visibility into resource health.


Whether your network stretches across the building or the globe, Observer Probe appliances cover your edge and remote network sites with advanced analysis technologies. They aggregate information across network sites near and far — extending your reach without sacrificing monitoring integrity. Observer Probes monitor network activity across multiple topologies with robust intelligence and a menu of rich features. Use these tools for troubleshooting,  proactive monitoring, long-term data collection, network forensics, and more.

As enterprise networks continue growing, Probes provide performance management support for multiple departments, locations, business functions and remote users. This robust remote monitoring solution when used with a console, gives IT managers and engineers the power to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and respond to network problems from any location. Probes offer deep insights and 360 degrees of visibility into every element of an organization’s business-critical IT infrastructure.


  • Gain insight and visibility into the entire network
  • Manage remote networks as easily as local
  • Aggregate information across sites for global health
  • Get support for the following topologies:
    • LAN
    • Gigabit, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb
    • Wireless (802.11 a/b/g/n)
  • Fault tolerant 2U chassis

Key Features

Use an Observer Probe with Observer Analyzer and Observer Apex to deploy features that quickly help troubleshoot and resolve issues across the entire IT enterprise lifecycle. An Observer Probe is a hardware appliance that runs Observer Probe Instance Software, providing enterprise-wide views of network and application traffic. There’s no added time or expense involved in traveling to remote sites when a problem occurs – see everything you need from your desktop.

Use Probes as a part of the Observer Platform to get the following features and more:


Access the Power of Probes Plus Analyzer
Monitor and troubleshoot critical network links in any location in real time, using the Probe-Analyzer power duo. Probes report to the Analyzer console for complete video monitoring support to tracking end-user experience.

Features include:

  • Expert Analytics
  • Alerts
  • Metrics
  • Packet Capture
  • In-Depth Details

Pair Probes with Apex for Greater Visibility
Get a top-down approach that combines enterprise-wide views, macro and micro-level reporting, and deep drilldown for problem resolution with Apex.

Features include:

  • Full-Featured Reporting
  • Trending
  • Baselining
  • Aggregate Visibility

Increase Troubleshooting Efficiency
Accelerate troubleshooting with Probes using real-time Expert Analysis locally at the Probe, without transferring captured data back to the console.

Get Unmatched Distributed Visibility
Distributed visibility is offered with Probes. Deploy Probes to various observation points to monitor traffic, correlate analysis, and more.

See All Your Data with Flow Aggregation
View the complete picture with flow data aggregation for a unified report of all network sites.

Optimize New Technology

Probes assist with reporting on key technology initiatives such as UC, virtualization, and cloud. Easy to install and configure, they support Ethernet, Gigabit, and wireless.

Platform Integration

Observer Probes are part of the Observer Performance Management Platform. They work with Observer Analyzer for analysis and Apex for high-level performance visibility.

  • Probes work with Analyzer to provide Distributed Analysis which includes: App Performance Analysis, App Transaction Analysis, comparison analysis, traffic flows, visibility into other environments, and more.
  • Paired with Analyzer, Probes also provide detailed information across multiple segments, multiple locations, and across heterogeneous environments.
  • Probes provide remote visibility when used with Apex, a data source for the high-level reporting environment.
  • Drill down from Apex into Probes provides root-cause analysis for problem resolution.

How it's Deployed

Observer Probe placement is critical. Failure to deploy the right probes in the right place can result in network blind spots, leading to inefficient troubleshooting and expensive mistakes. It's also essential to place Probes in high-traffic areas to capture the data you need.

Since a Probe only shows the analysis data it can see, where to deploy Probes depends on your network's architecture and where visibility is needed. If you want 100 percent coverage, install TAPs on all the high-speed critical links in or near the core of your network, and plug Probes into the SPAN/mirror ports of switches on the edge.

When sharing files or filters between Probes, updating Probes, and for Probe authentication, use a Probe management tool like Observer Management Server, a centralized Probe management system for enterprise networks.

What's New?

Observer Apex

Observer Probe appliances are built on a solid, custom-designed foundation. Most vendors use standard 2U server chassis, a low-cost option that can mean dropped packets—and longer troubleshooting times under heavy network loads. Observer Probes are fault-tolerant custom enclosures, developed to support four years of uninterrupted, 100% duty-cycle, line-rate analysis without missing a single packet for the ultimate in network traffic visibility and peace of mind

High Performance Capture and Analysis

High Performance Capture and Analysis
The VIAVI Solutions Gen3™ in-house developed capture card with the GigaStor Advanced Accelerated Analytics engine is designed to deliver the maximum capture and processing performance in the industry. With closely integrated hardware and software, the tuned architecture can easily support line-rate gigabit and 10 Gb without dropping a single packet.

Technical Specifications

2U 19-inch rack-mountable appliance
19 in (W)  x 26.01 in (mounting depth)

64 lbs (handling)
64 lbs (mounted)

Power Consumption (Full load):
Input Voltage: 100V-240V auto select
Input Frequency: 50/60Hz
232W (792 Btu/h) (GPA-8P)

The Observer Probes are purpose-built to meet your monitoring needs. Here are the basic technical specs, more detailed information is available here.

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