Observer Apex

Achieve optimal service delivery with enriched flow and first integrated end-user experience scoring of remote users, on-premises, and SaaS-based resources using packet and active test visibility

Observer Apex is the first network performance monitoring (NPM) solution to generate an end-user experience (EUE) score on every transaction using packet and active test data eliminating the challenges of maintaining service visibility of hybrid IT whether remote user, SaaS cloud-based apps, or on-premises assets.

Check out these two real-world demonstrations  of v18.6 in action:

Observer GigaTest, available as an option on Apex makes adding the power of active test simple. Once enabled, Apex does the work of combining with data provided by GigaStor packet and GigaStor M metadata for EUE scoring and augmenting it with GigaFlow enriched and enhanced flow—all this as the demos show within the context of the existing dashboards and workflows.

With GigaTest, the patented end-user experience score has become even more accurate, now factoring service delivery of cloud-hosted applications into the results. It delivers proactive test analytics and performance visibility for the applications you use every day whether on-premises or in the cloud as well as wherever users are located. IT staff get a single, global view of hybrid network health with deep visibility and actionable insights into their IT services independent of user or hosting location.

Apex Features and Benefits Summary

  • Custom dashboards address specific business priorities delivering integrated, enterprise-wide situational awareness into service delivery health
  • End-user experience scoring analytics with domain level root cause detail accelerates service troubleshooting at the individual transaction or site level
  • On-demand application dependency mapping delivers comprehensive multi-tier application understanding
  • Network forensics built on a combination of traffic and enriched flow data offers back-in-time intelligence for performance monitoring troubleshooting and cybersecurity breach response

Apex + GigaTest Features and Benefits Summary

Integrating packet-level with active test data, delivers comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring coverage. IT teams can confidently answer questions such as:

  • Which specific domain is being impacted, can the issue be isolated to the network, application, server, or client?
  • Is there a problem affecting a single site or multiple sites?
  • Is there a problem affecting access to a SaaS application by users? Is it the SaaS provider or a problem on our side, whether on-premises or remote user?
End-User Score - 4.0

User-Defined Dashboard F.A.Q.

What is a Network Performance Dashboard?

A network performance dashboard is a report populated with widgets, and these widgets show the information collected by your data sources.

  • How are network performance dashboards populated? 

    Your reports—your dashboards—are populated with one or many widgets. The data shown by widgets in your dashboards belongs to Observer. To make use of dashboards, Observer must be collecting network trending data and be a data source to Apex. Without trending data, Apex will not have any data for the widgets in a dashboard.

    Apex Global Dashboard

  • Are system dashboards available "out-of-the-box" to enable easy setup? 

    Dashboards that are pre-made by VIAVI are available to you as system dashboards. System dashboards are identical in function to dashboards you create on your own, but they cannot be modified. Additionally, system dashboards provide broad information and are useful for high-level analytics. A temporary filter can be used while viewing system dashboards, but a permanent filter cannot be added.

  • Can the network performance dashboards be filtered?

    Any dashboard can have an always-on filter written into its properties. Dashboard filters force every widget in a dashboard to display only information that meets the filter. For example, you can filter a dashboard so that its widgets show statistics from a specific subnet only. Or you can filter a dashboard to search for a telephone number used in a VoIP conversation.

    A dashboard filter can be applied to the design of the dashboard itself (always-filtered), applied during viewing of the dashboard (temporary), or applied as a combination of the two.

  • Who can view the user dashboards?

    Each newly created dashboard is considered a user dashboard. User dashboards are unique to the user that logged in to Apex and created it, and it can only be viewed and modified by that user. To share a user dashboard with other Apex users, the creator must promote the dashboard. A promoted dashboard becomes a site dashboard that is viewable by other users. A promoted dashboard cannot be demoted.

  • Does promoting a dashboard simultaneously promote user widgets?

    This means you can promote a user dashboard to a site dashboard without promoting the underlying user widgets—if any exist. This protects your personal user widgets from being altered and changed by others. If you want to share a dashboard with others (by promotion) and also allow changes to those widgets, the widgets must be promoted to site widgets.

  • Can my view of a network performance dashboard be shared with other users?

    As long as you are viewing a site or system dashboard—user dashboards are not applicable—your current view of the dashboard can be summarized into a shareable URL. Whoever clicks the URL you share can see the dashboard how it appeared to you. Choices you have made like the reporting period and any temporary dashboard filters are retained by the URL. You can use this sharing feature in your instant messages, emails, or other documents.

    Apex Global Dashboard

To start building your network performance dashboard with Observer Apex:

Additional resources:

End-User Experience Scoring

Machine learning powered end-user experience (EUE) scoring for every network transaction with intelligently rolled-up values at the dashboard site level. Scores are color-coded and range from 0 to 10 with corresponding problem domain highlighted. Integrated with troubleshooting workflows and dashboards. Extend packet based EUE analysis with GigaTest active testing to include SaaS and remote users to further empower engineers to quickly identify, prioritize, and solve service issues.

Custom Dashboards and Streamlined Workflows

Customizable dashboards provide network observability of IT service health at the regional, country, city, data center levels, or functional level. When combined with end user experience scoring, IT teams can gain instant world-wide situational awareness of all resources and then, when required quickly drill down to an individual user for rapid problem resolution. Receive complimentary dashboard assistance by contacting VIAVI here by a technical specialist. Be sure to enter “Complimentary Dashboards” in the comments box.

On-Demand Multi-Tier Application Intelligence

On-demand application dependency mapping offers fast discovery of app interdependencies. Maps are built automatically to display complex relationships with simple clarity. This allows users to determine worst connections, app tiers, and network delay threshold deviations, while sorting all connections by status; critical, marginal, and acceptable.

Network Security Forensics

Not every performance issue can be solved without going back-in-time to analyze the underlying root cause of the problem. Likewise, given the never-ending series of cybersecurity breach announcements worldwide, it’s clear even the most robust IT security defense strategy with solutions such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, and SIEMs are necessary but no longer enough to protect critical resources—especially the organization’s crown jewels. That’s why Apex provides network forensics based on traffic and enriched flow to provide in-depth visibility past network activity.

Intuitive Visualizations with IP Viewer

By compiling Layer 2 to Layer 3 insights into a single enriched flow record, Observer can produce unique, interactive visualizations that illustrate the relationships between User, IP, MAC, and application usage in the network. A NetOps or SecOps user can simply enter a name enter in a username and immediately find all devices, interfaces, and applications associated with it. Finding out what is connected and who is communicating across your network has never been easier.

Apex Now Available with GigaTest Active Test

Observer Apex, is now available with GigaTest, built-in active test functionality that augments packet level analysis and enriched and enhanced flow insight. With GigaTest, the patented End-User Experience score has become even more accurate, now factoring service delivery of cloud-hosted applications into the score. It delivers proactive test analytics and performance visibility for the applications you use every day whether on-premises or in the cloud as well as wherever users are located. IT staff get a single, global view of hybrid network health with deep visibility and actionable insights into their IT services from the remote user, on-premises, to SaaS cloud-based apps.

Apex collects and aggregates data from GigaStor, GigaStor M, GigaFlow, and when enabled within Apex GigaTest to achieve enterprise-wide network observability and security visibility for NetOps and SecOps teams. By intelligently combining packet information, enriched and enhanced flow records, and active test data, Apex delivers centralized management of end-user experience scoring, performance, and security intelligence.

Nitro Insights Powered by Observer

As the centralizing reporting point for Observer 3D, Apex provides flexible, customizable real-time dashboards and long-term historical reporting based on end-user experience (EUE) scoring. Data can be aggregated from packet, enhanced and enriched flow, and active test

Apex Deployment Considerations:

  • Deploy Apex in locations that maximize the opportunity to simplify connectivity with support components
  • Monitoring instrumentation points depend on network size, configuration, and visibility requirements
  • Utilize redundant Apex capabilities with two duplicate systems: a primary and a secondary for automated replication, facilitating redundancy

Observer - Scale of Deployment

Available GigaTest Deployment Considerations:

Active testing eliminates blind spots and complements packet data. Select from three different agents to work alongside your packet capture to provide complete network visibility. Mix and match agents depending on where your visibility gaps exist:

  • Windows Agent - for Windows-based server or workstation user devices
  • Virtual Agent - available for most popular VM environments
  • Raspberry Pi Image -for use on Raspberry Pi hardware within any on-premises enterprise environment
  • Once your agents are deployed, add the GigaTest functionality to your Apex to process the metadata created by the agents-it's that simple and you are up and running.

Select an Apex form-factor that best aligns with your IT monitoring requirements and deployment best practices scaling as required to grow with your business. Offered in three tiers and based on the number of data sources to be monitored:


Hardware Deployment

  • Tier 1 – Apex Standard – available in software or as a virtual appliance
  • Tier 2 – Apex Workgroup – form-factors include hardware, virtual appliances, and software versions
  • Tier 3 – Apex Enterprise – Hardware appliance only


The all-in-one VIAVI solution that enables IT teams to gain the powerful security and performance insights of the entire Observer 3D platform. This upgradable appliance combines Apex end-user experience scoring with GigaStor industry leading packet capture and GigaFlow enriched flow analysis, offering great network observability at a modest price point and minimal footprint

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With the Observer Platform, the ability to get an expert analysis relatively quickly is the best benefit., The capture is constantly running, so we can analyze any time we like without setting up extra equipment.

Landrin Long

State of Nevada Department of Information Technology

The options that are available and the power of the product are amazing. We’ve solved more problems quicker with Observer than any other analyzing software we’ve had.

Landrin Long

State of Nevada Department of Information Technology

I have found the Observer Platform to be an invaluable tool in diagnosing both application and network issues.

Peter Young, Network Administrator

Home Office UK Ministerial Department