Observer SightOps (Discontinued)

When migrating to the cloud or ensuring hybrid IT performance, use Observer SightOps to get comprehensive visibility for multiple vendors, including AWS, Azure, and more.

With next generation discovery and dependency mapping, Observer SightOps enables intelligent automation by matching devices, applications, and systems with best practice monitoring rules, thresholds, events, and alerts.

IT organizations benefit from:

  • Reductions in downtime and improvements in MTTR during outages
  • Consolidation of multiple IT monitoring tools, reducing overhead
  • Enhanced ability to troubleshoot whether virtual, physical, or cloud
  • Comprehensive visibility for public clouds, including AWS, Azure, vCloud Air and IBM SoftLayer
  • Management of true hybrid IT infrastructure from a single platform
  • Detailed visibility for rapid buildout of private cloud and converged data center infrastructure
  • Support for advanced SDN technology such as Cisco ACI to enable future-proofing of network and data center switching fabric and successful deployment
  • Rapid time to value with minimal need for professional services

SightOps enables organizations to adopt and manage new hybrid IT environments with confidence. With event management and alerts, set thresholds for thousands of device, service, application, and network metrics. SightOps manages resources and detects anomalies before they can impact end users, providing data on conditions affecting all critical IT resources.

With SightOps you can:

  • Create groups to track the impact of devices and resources on business services and processes
  • Organize network and server types into subsets based on geography, department, device type, application service, and more
  • Track the performance and availability of specific components
  • Map dependencies between servers, network elements, and storage systems with live visibility into root cause of multi-domain problems
  • Integrate with automated alerts, ticketing workflow and runbook automation for documenting and accelerating problem resolution
  • Leverage GigaStor and Analyzer traffic analytics and back-in-time functionality to correlate network traffic behavior to underlying IT resource health and status

SightOps is designed for flexible appliance, virtual, and Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) model deployments that address the unique monitoring needs of each organization. Capable of scaling from 100s of devices to the largest environments, options exist for all-in-one units that integrate functionality or for larger, multi-site environments a distributed framework is available. When combined with subscription based licensing, businesses can also architect deployments that align with their capital and operational expense initiatives. Please reach out to your VIAVI Solutions representative for additional details

The Observer Performance Management Platform is a full-service IT solution for optimizing application and network operations. The prebuilt platform software significantly reduces time to value by eliminating many hardware/software integration and troubleshooting issues.

As an integral part of the Observer platform, SightOps plays a key role in providing comprehensive awareness into hybrid IT infrastructure status while simultaneously enabling correlation between underlying resource health and network traffic behavior.

SightOps specifically works in tandem with Observer Analyzer and Observer GigaStor™ to provide the following benefits:

  • Integrates SightOps infrastructure intelligence with GigaStor packet capture network traffic service awareness for streamlined troubleshooting
  • Automates GigaStor data mining with flexible user-defined alerts to shorten MTTR or perform manual one-click packet extraction for custom service anomaly investigations
  • Alert on SNMP alarms generated by GigaStor and Analyzer based on detected service anomalies
  • Monitor the health of all Observer platform software and hardware assets

Since SightOps is designed for maximum deployment and host flexibility, including appliance, virtual, and Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) model options, technical specification can vary considerable for each customer environment. Please reach out to your VIAVI representative for more details


In order to access an Observer SightOps appliance from a browser on a client computer, the web client must meet the following requirements:

  • To access certain parts of the user interface, the client computer must be running Adobe Flash Player, Version 10.0 or later. Download Adobe Flash Player.
  • Display must be a minimum of 1024 x 768. VIAVI Solutions recommends 1280 x 1024 or greater
  • Accessing a Citrix client or SSH from within a SightOps browser session requires a web client running Java 2 Runtime Environment (v.1.4.2_xx) or later. Download J2RE
  • The web client must be running one of the following browsers:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11
    • The latest version of Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari 4.0 or later
    • The latest version of Google Chrome


SightOps is designed for flexible appliance, virtual, and Amazon Machine Instance (AMI) model deployments. Capable of scaling from hundreds of devices to the largest environments, options exist for all-in-one units that integrate functionality, or for larger, multi-site environments a distributed framework is available. Therefore, system requirements will vary by deployment method along with the number of devices, assets, and services being monitored.

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