MicroNIR OnSite-W

A ruggedized, handheld spectrometer for rapid material analysis in the field

The MicroNIR OnSite-W is a battery-powered handheld near-IR analyzer that connects wirelessly to a tablet PC. Its compact, ruggedized and ergonomic design makes it ideal for applications in the field or on the manufacturing floor.

MicroNIR OnSite-W Probe
MicroNIR OnSite-W Probe With Tablet

The MicroNIR OnSite-W is the latest addition to the VIAVI Solutions innovative, ultra-compact spectrometer product line. The MicroNIR OnSite-W is the smallest fully-integrated NIR spectrometer on the market and is enabled by proven VIAVI linear variable filter (LVF) technology. With no moving parts and IP65/IP67 dust/water ingress rating, it is designed for a wide range of material characterization applications in food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and security markets.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid, real-time, non-destructive near-infrared material analysis
  • Wireless, compact, rugged, and ergonomic design for one-hand operation
  • Multifunction button for one-click data acquisition
  • Internal, rechargeable battery with run time greater than 10 hours
  • IP65 and IP67 rated for use in wet and dusty environments
  • Bluetooth or USB connectivity to tablet or PC
  • Compatible with original MicroNIR OnSite accessories
  • Powerful MicroNIR Pro model-building and prediction software
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software interface


  • Pharmaceutical raw materials
  • Polymers and chemicals
  • Narcotics and explosives
  • Grain and forage
  • Tobacco and agricultural products
  • Meat and dairy products


The MicroNIR OnSite-W system includes the MicroNIR Pro software suite with features for data acquisition, calibration and method development, user management, and real-time prediction. Using MicroNIR Pro software, a developer can process data and build complete chemometric models using regression and classification algorithms including PLS, MBSD, SMV, and PCA analyses. Batch mode predictions on stored data are also supported. MicroNIR Pro software also includes instrument performance qualification per EP 2.2.40 and USP 1119 test criteria and tools enabling Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. An enhanced OPC interface is optionally available for integration with process control systems. The OnSite-W system also includes a standalone tablet application with simplified user interface for data acquisition and real-time prediction in the field. Please see recommended hardware/software listed in specifications.

Standard Accessories

  • Two applicators with sapphire windows, AR-coated on one side for maximum light throughput
    • Small applicator for flexible operation and for reaching samples in confined spaces easily
    • Large applicator for soft material measurement such as fiber, clothes and vegetation
  • Protected white reference with sapphire window
    • Matching grooves on the applicators and reference for easy alignment in the field
    • Protected window and aluminum enclosure for use in the field and for easy cleaning
  • Rugged carrying case including space for PC and tablet
  • USB cable for charging and data connection to PC

Technical Specs

Parameter Specification
Illumination sourceTwo integrated vacuum tungsten lamps
Lamp life>40,000 hr
Sample working distance3 mm from window optimal, 0-15 mm
Dispersing elementVIAVI linear variable filter (LVF)
Detector128 pixel InGaAs photodiode array
Wavelength range950 – 1650 nm (10,526 – 6060 cm-1)
Pixel-to-pixel interval6.2 nm for 950 – 1650 nm
Spectral bandwidth (FWHM)<1.25% of center wavelength, 1% typical (e.g., @1000 nm, resolution is <12.5 nm)
Analog-to-digital convertor16 bit
Dynamic range (Max)1000:1
Measurement time (typical)0.25 – 0.5 sec
Signal-to-noise ratio (typ.)25,000
Integration time10 ms typical, minimum 10 µsec
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.1 (BLE) and USB 2.0
Weight<250 g (<9 oz)
Size (Length x Diameter)194 mm (6.64”) x 47 mm (1.85”)
BatteryRechargeable Li-ion, not removable
Battery run time/charge>10 hours with lamps on continuously
Battery cycle life>75% capacity after 300 charge cycles
Battery charge time3.5 hours at 1 A
Export data formatsCAMO .unsb, Grams .spc, ASCII .csv
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Pro
Minimum screen resolution tablet/PC application1920 x 1080/1366 x 768
Software compatibilityMicroNIR Pro 3.0 and above
Qualified PCMicrosoft Surface Pro 6 (tablet or PC)
Qualified Tablet PCDell Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme
Operating temperature−20 ~ 40°C (noncondensing)
Storage temperature−20 ~ 50°C (noncondensing)
Dust and water resistanceIP65 and IP67
Shock and vibrationMIL-PRF-28800F Class 2