Color Trends 2017


Wander down many pathways on the journey forward.

Science and technology revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. - Arthur M. Schlesinger

There has always been tension between tradition and technology. While the world rushes to be more automated, we value a slower pace, enjoy the old way of doing things, and make human connections. The modern world will offer many choices. This is not a crossroads with one choice to make – you can wander down many pathways on the journey forward, taking in all the benefits that each has to offer.

VIAVI pigments create special option colors suitable for automotive and other OEM applications.

ChromaFlair pigments create a color-shifting effect, reflecting different colors as viewing and illumination angles change.  SpectraFlair pigments create bright rainbow prisms over a silver metallic base. ChromaHD pigment (currently under development) is highly chromatic in design without extreme color shift.  These pigments enhance contours of three-dimensional parts and can be styled to create elegant to dramatic visual effects.

To support growing demand for special-option colors suitable for economy cars, we formulated this year’s trend colors to help achieve lower cost targets. Formulations are further adjustable to meet a wide range of appearances and costs.  In addition to our annual color trends, VIAVI provides a variety of design services for color professionals and we create custom-styled colors to meet your specific needs.

Explore Vaivi’s newest offering — an in-depth look at the science behind VIAVI custom color creation.