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Each year, VIAVI color professionals create a palette of “colors to watch” based on extensive trend research.

Color Trends

Bubble, Omnivore, Ritual & Immortal

The Color Trends 2020 story captures the attraction, the pull – the energy – the possibilities of pairing two seemingly opposite things together in one expression by the &. The & does not negate the power of either entity. This is not a dilution or a distillation; this is not mixing red and green to make brown. In this formulation of red & green a unique and artistic light unfolds which compliments each concept. In contrast to the minimalization of compartmentalization, the separating and negating of concepts with "wither this or that" thinking, the flow the logogram & creates is the power and potential of joining paradoxes to generate innovative new ideas, and bold approaches to our changing world.

We invite you to explore the four color stories offered in &: Bubble, Omnivore, Ritual & Immortal.

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