Color Trends - The Imagination Space

Each year, VIAVI color professionals create a palette of “colors to watch” based on extensive trend research.

Color Trends

The Imagination Space

Consider that before any breakthroughs ever were able to happen, someone imagined that such things were possible; they envisioned how the world could be different. As we endeavor to envision and develop the future of our dreams, experts across disciplines — scientists, business leaders, tech developers, ecologists, and artists — all agree: IMAGINATION TRULY IS OUR SUPERPOWER.

Our success in shaping our future is inextricably tied to embracing this innate power of imagination. These places of cultural, ecological, and scientific generative energy require the cultivating of expanses of transformation, healing, and play to inspire possibilities that have until now, only existed in our dreams. Technology, art, and innovation will empower the possibilities and potentiality of these dreams moving us beyond our hopes to places of wonder & awe. We invite you to explore the four color collections that make up The Imagination Space: Between the Stars, Healing Ground, Preservation Mode, and Immersive Playhouse.

Between the Stars

Healing Ground

Preservation Mode

Immersive Playhouse

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