Optical Switch Tray (OST) Multimode (Discontinued)

Multimode optical switch trays from Polatis that utilize DirectLight® beam-steering technology to deliver high performance in a compact, fully non-blocking, multimode product.

This product has been discontinued.

This product has been discontinued

The multimode OST can form the integral part of a resilient network, for connection management in a business continuity setting or as part of a shipboard communication system. Since there is no regeneration, no signal monitoring and no signal modulation is introduced, the OST is a secure node for carrying sensitive communications.


  • Automated component test
  • Automated manufacturing test
  • GigE, fiber channel module test
  • Secure communication networks
  • Shipboard communications
  • Enterprise networks
  • Business continuity services
  • Systems verification testing
  • Intelligent traffic systems
  • Optical sensor arrays

Key Features

  • High signal stability
  • Fast switching speed
  • High power handling
  • Dark fiber switching
  • Fully non-blocking
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Protocol and bit rate independent
  • Ethernet, RS232 and GPIB options
  • Standard protocols: SCPI, TL1
  • High repeatability

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