Localisation intelligente

Les solutions de localisation intelligente de VIAVI exploitent la puissance des informations générées par l’abonné pour transformer la performance du réseau, activer des analyses détaillées et assurer l’optimisation automatique du réseau.

La solution de localisation intelligente de VIAVI recueille, stocke et analyse les données provenant de tous les événements des abonnés. Les exploitants disposent ainsi d’une riche source d’informations sur des éléments applicatifs qui leur permet d’améliorer notablement la performance du réseau et d’enrichir la qualité de l’expérience. Ces informations applicatives, axées sur l’abonné, permettent une véritable compréhension de l’expérience client et ainsi une monétisation et une optimisation automatique du réseau.



The modular approach of GEOoptimize, deployed as a service or as a solution, meets the complexity issues operators face today by delivering automated network performance optimization harnessing the power of geo-located subscriber-centric intelligence.
NITRO Location Intelligence

NITRO Location Intelligence

NITRO Location Intelligence continuously captures, locates, and analyzes data from all subscribers’ events on networks down to building accuracy, revealing how mobile networks are really performing anytime and anywhere

By leveraging rich geolocated insights, the solution not only provides mobile service providers with complete visibility on network performance and quality experience, but can support a broad set of use cases with higher efficiency and lower costs. 

Its subscriber-centric approach enables automation of RAN operational activities, offers unique geolocation analytics and feeds for business expansion, and unlocks new data monetization opportunities.

5G Profitability Challenges

With the additional complexities introduced with 5G evolutions, virtualization and fast transformation towards “software-based” and disaggregated networks, CSPs are presented with enormous challenges to realize the business opportunities these new technologies offer.

Continued traffic growth, flat or declining mobile revenues, extreme competition while facing the needs for massive RAN investments, and increasing complexity along with the scarcity of talent and skills required to take full advantage of 5G – are elements of this complex business equation mobile service providers need to solve.

Automation Key for CSPs Transformation

CSPs can capture new business opportunities enabled with latest 5G and ORAN technologies, however this can only be achieved by transforming how their mobile networks are operated and adopting cost efficient models.  

Indeed, it has never been so critical for mobile operators to operate with reduced OPEX and ensure optimal CAPEX investments on their networks, while ensuring the highest quality of experience for their customers and stay ahead of competition.

Adopting automation at every network lifecycle stage becomes key to improve the profitability and ensure highest performance on more complex mobile networks.

Differentiated and Proven Geolocation Technology

VIAVI has developed over two decades strong foundations on network assurance and is the recognized leader and key patents owner on geolocation technologies for mobile networks.  

With more than 80 deployments of our proven solutions, VIAVI solutions are geolocating near to one billion of mobile subscribers and devices every single day across the globe.

VIAVI latest Location Intelligence solution is built upon the VIAVI Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization NITRO cloud-native platform that enables cross-domain intelligence.

The solution continuously captures, locates and analyzes every interaction of subscribers devices with the network, giving CSPs a rich source of location aware, subscriber-centric insights for improving NPS, enrich mobile experience at lower operating costs through automation.

Contextual information regarding subscribers and IoT devices enables intelligence regarding end user and device experience, leading to a precise understanding as where the problems are and how to best to optimize the network.

Such intelligence is also valuable for understanding where best to invest new radios for coverage or throughput improvements, as well as giving operators critical insight for differentiation in the marketplace and development of new revenue streams.

VIAVI Location Intelligence enables a myriad of operational and business use cases furthering the efficiency of operations while powering operator business units with the analytics needed to transform network data into actionable insights.

In short, VIAVI NITRO Location Intelligence powered with automation allows CSPs to accelerate network ROI, reduce churn, reduce OPEX, and enable new revenues streams using a rich set of automated subscriber and location aware functions.

Location Intelligence offers a strong foundation to extract most value of your network data to improve CSPs profitability and meet service quality that 5G is promising.


Built on latest generation cloud-native technologies which enables performance,  greater scalability and high level of automation, the NITRO Location Intelligence provides immediate differentiating capabilities leading to high solution ROI. 

Belgacom s’appuie sur la plate-forme NITRO GEO pour concevoir et optimiser ses réseaux 2G, 3G et LTE. NITRO GEO jouit d’une solide réputation de plate-forme robuste et fiable et nous permet de consolider nos solutions au sein d’un système unique tout en garantissant à nos clients une expérience exceptionnelle


We have been able to use the sophisticated and accurate analytics to identify problems underlying subscriber complaints and resolve them more quickly. VIAVI has been a strong partner throughout the process, including providing ongoing support to ensure we maximize the value of the platform.

Pedro Santos, Head of Network Development
Vodafone Portugal

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