MicroNIR Chemical Applications


Distributed sensing enables real-time process optimization

The MicroNIR™ line of compact near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers economically supports process development from research to production with performance that rivals benchtop instruments.

NIR Solutions for Chemical Applications

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a well-established tool for non-contact, non-destructive chemical analysis. Distributed NIRS instruments are ideal for both in-line and at-line chemical production and are commonly used to monitor titrators, scrubbers, and mixers. NIRS is also used for final product inspection, particularly for detecting the presence of contaminants such as water. When compared to other techniques such as Raman spectroscopy which rely on a tightly focused laser beam, NIRS is clearly the safest option analysis of explosive chemicals because of the low overall optical intensity at the sample. NIRS is particularly ideal for monitoring a wide range of organic compounds, since 950 – 1650 nm light corresponds to higher-order combination bands and overtones from molecular vibrations. Furthermore, the absorption cross-section is directly related to dipole moment, making NIRS most sensitive to bonds between hydrogen (H) and heavier atoms, such as the hydroxyl (OH) and amine (NH) functional groups. 

The VIAVI MicroNIR product line makes it easier than ever for process engineers to integrate NIRS instruments, allowing for molecular level monitoring at all stages of the production process. MicroNIR instruments are based on the proprietary VIAVI Linear Variable Filter (LVF) technology developed initially for NASA interplanetary spacecraft. LVF-based spectrometers are compact, lightweight, and have no moving parts or free-space optics. In addition to unmatched stability and repeatability, the MicroNIR is maintenance-free, reducing production downtime and improving productivity. The PAT-U is the smallest process NIRS instrument available on the market, making it ideal for integration into existing systems without the need for significant equipment overhauls. The wireless PAT-W is fully battery-powered with built-in WiFi communications, taking ease of integration to the next level. For harsher environments, often found in chemical plants, the PAT-Ux and PAT-Wx models are available in ATEX, NEC, and IECEx certified housings. These systems are safe in the presence of flammable gases, vapors, fibers or dust, washable, and fully compliant with all IP67 requirements. 

MicroNIR Chemical Applications

At VIAVI, we understand that there can be a bit of a learning curve when implementing new technologies, and the VIAVI MicroNIR Pro software was designed from the bottom up with ease of use in mind. The built-in analysis package combines a wide range of robust chemometric modeling tools with a simple workflow to make your deployment as seamless as possible. VIAVI also offers model transfer services, a detailed software development kit, and works with several cloud-mobile partners to provide turn-key solutions across various interfaces, including smartphones and tablets.

The MicroNIR line of NIRS instruments are compact, robust, and low power consumption, allowing them to be deployed at all chemical processing stages.