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MicroNIR Cloud Mobile Solutions
VIAVI Cloud Mobile Solutions Partners offer complete calibration solutions for your MicroNIR OnSite-W

The VIAVI MicroNIR™ OnSite-W handheld NIR Spectrometer embodies the state of the art in miniaturization, connectivity, ergonomics, and speed.  Its BLE module can connect it not only to a Windows PC but also to Android and iOS mobile phones. VIAVI Cloud-Mobile Solutions Partners (CMSPs) have integrated the OnSite-W into diverse mobile applications for the factory and field.  These systems use mobile phones to receive spectra from the instrument and relay the data to the cloud, where an analytical prediction is made and returned to the mobile phone in seconds. Why use the cloud? 

  • Supports sophisticated chemometric models and complex analytical methods that could not be implemented locally
  • Provides a mechanism for distributing models to authorized users and controlling access
  • Enables continuous model updating and improvement, immediately available to all users
  • Builds a central repository of all analyses for administration and big-data analysis

Explore below the exciting offerings from the VIAVI Cloud Mobile Solutions Partners.


NIRLab® offers law enforcement a solution that changes the game in identifying and quantifying illicit substances.  Using a smartphone and the VIAVI MicroNIR OnSite-W, an officer in the field can determine within seconds whether a material is illicit and even its potency, saving days of time and money taking a sample into custody and sending it to a forensic lab.  A “big-data” back-end, supported by geo-tagging and time-stamping, helps identify and analyze trends in time and location to further enhance interdiction efforts.  NIRLab offers a truly powerful law enforcement tool. Click below to visit the NIRLab home page or to view a recording of the VIAVI-NIRLab webinar.


More information: NIRlab

Chemometric Brain

Food ingredients are sourced and processed everywhere in the world, so how does a producer maintain consistent quality? Chemometric Brain has developed a turn-key system based on the VIAVI MicroNIR OnSite-W that can analyze food components at every stage of the production process. The cloud-based solution is built on decades of industry experience and factory-tested to identify and qualify raw materials, analyze mixtures, determine physical-chemical properties, and many other capabilities to help producers detect food fraud, monitor suppliers, determine product shelf-life, and benchmark quality.  Click below to visit the Chemometric Brain home page or to view a recording of the VIAVI-Chemometric Brain webinar.


More information: Chemometric

Spectral Solutions

When you are out in the field analyzing crops, you need a mobile app that can work offline. When you are in the lab, you need a web portal and desktop app for deeper analysis. Spectral Solutions’ comprehensive Cloud Mobile system for Android, iOS, Windows, and web offers the solution.  Their Calibration Web Store has dozens of ready-to-serve calibration models for agricultural products from acerola to wine and everything in between.  With VIAVI MicroNIR OnSite-W and Spectral Solutions, NIR spectroscopy goes everywhere.  Click below to visit the Spectral Solutions home page or to view a recording of the VIAVI-Spectral Solutions webinar.

More information: Spectral Solutions

Hone AG

Are you looking for a simple, streamlined tool for creating high performance predictions on a smartphone?  Are you a farmer, agronomist, or researcher looking for a simple way to test the chemical properties of soil, crops, or grain?  Meet Hone AG, based in Australia and serving the world. With the VIAVI MicroNIR OnSite-W and Hone’s easy-to use cloud-based tools - using powerful artificial intelligence technology - you will deliver excellent predictions in any NIR application.  Hone also offers consulting and model-building services, so no matter your level of skill or experience, you can have the benefits of mobile spectroscopy in the palm of your hand.  Click below to visit the Hone home page or to view a recording of the VIAVI-Hone webinar.

More information: Hone AG


Analyze. Verify. Control. Field and in-plant analysis of dairy products and animal feed has never been easier. Qualitade’s ready-to-serve chemometric models deliver complete analyses of dairy products at every stage of production.  Their solutions for animal feed and forage provide complete mobility and autonomy, making external laboratories unnecessary.  With the VIAVI MicroNIR OnSite-W and the Qualitade Cloud Mobile app for Android and iOS, you can rapidly characterize the key quality attributes – moisture, fat, and protein, for example – of a wide variety of dairy products including milk, cream, whey, and soft and hard cheeses. Click below to visit the Qualitade home page or to view a recording of the VIAVI-Qualitade webinar.

More information: Qualitade

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