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Powerful tools for research, product development, and process optimization

The MicroNIR™ line of compact near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers economically supports process development from research to production with performance that rivals benchtop instruments.

NIR Solutions for Research and Development

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a form of vibration spectroscopy measuring higher-order combination bands and overtones using 950 – 1650 nm light. Since the 1950s, NIRS has played a critical role in research and development, allowing researchers to non-destructively interrogate molecular structure using broadband tungsten light sources. Compared to other vibrational spectroscopy techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, which requires tightly focused lasers, and Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy which requires complicated interferometers, NIRS is hands-down the safest and easiest to use vibrational spectroscopy on the market today. NIRS is a "best of both worlds" technique providing non-contact measurements through transparent packaging and windows, similar to Raman spectroscopy, while providing FT-IR's robust chemical information. Additionally, NIRS is most sensitive to bonds between hydrogen (H) and heavier atoms, such as the hydroxyl (OH) and amine (NH) functional groups, since the absorption cross-section is directly related to dipole moment. This makes NIRS ideal for analyzing a wide range of organic and biological molecules.

Today, NIRS is fueling breakthroughs in countless fields including pharmaceuticals, polymers, petrochemicals, food and agriculture, and biomedical diagnostics. While most researchers are familiar with "classical" benchtop NIRS spectrophotometers, recent technological developments make it possible to provide laboratory quality data from handheld NIRS instruments. The VIAVI MicroNIR product line is based on the proprietary VIAVI Linear Variable Filter (LVF) technology developed initially for NASA interplanetary spacecraft. LVF-based spectrometers are compact, lightweight, and have no moving parts or free-space optics. These ultra-compact NIRS instruments allow for molecular level monitoring at all stages of research and development, all the way from exploratory testing to production process optimization. VIAVI offers a wide range of modular, process, and handheld versions of the MicroNIR, designed to meet the needs of your specific research objectives, whether it be high-speed batch-level analysis or small-scale exploratory testing.

NIR Solutions for Research and Development

At VIAVI, we understand that there can be a bit of a learning curve when implementing new technologies, and the VIAVI MicroNIR Pro software suite was designed from the bottom up with ease of use in mind. The included analysis package combines a wide range of common chemometric modeling tools with a simple workflow to make your deployment as seamless as possible. VIAVI also offers model transfer services, a full-featured software development kit, and works with several cloud-mobile partners to provide turn-key solutions across various interfaces, including smartphones and tablets.

The MicroNIR line of NIRS instruments are high performance, compact, robust, and low power. Contact us to learn more about how NIRS can accelerate your product or process development project.