16G Fiber Channel Load Tester

The Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester is the first generation tool with a high speed 14 Gbps Fiber Channel (16 GFC) protocol available on the market.

A key aspect of verifying the reliability of Fiber Channel equipment is to stress-test the network with traffic at and above the maximum legal data rate. The Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester eliminates having to create complex test setups comprising multiple servers and storage arrays by enabling users to construct fully meshed data communication topologies, generate traffic loads, and monitor both transmitted and received data streams. With effortless comprehensive analysis and statistical capabilities, the Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester is the ideal tool for testing Fiber Channel fabrics and switches for performance, data integrity, robustness, flexibility, and scalability.


  • Guarantees line rate traffic in most stressful test environments
  • Integrates verification of Fiber Channel functionality with large-scale network performance testing
  • Measures high-resolution latency with the utmost accuracy
  • Enables automated testing
  • Captures control frames and triggers Xgig Analyzer to analyze the root-causes of link issues
  • Tests on FCoE to FC topology with Xgig FCoE Load Tester
  • Affordable


  • Verify functional switch control planes
  • Test switch interoperability
  • Test switch performance
  • Stress-test the switch

Key Features

  • Full line rate traffic generation and load testing at 1/2/4/8/16G Fiber Channel
  • Supports FCoE topology (with FCoE Load Tester ports)
  • Up to 255 NPIV
  • Up to 64 time-sync ports for high resolution latency measurement 10 ns latency accuracy
  • Flexible traffic patterns


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