ONT Jitter/Wander Measurement for SyncE, OTN, and SONET/SDH (Discontinued)

Generates and analyzes jitter/wander measurements of 155 M to 10 G SONET/SDH, 2.7 G and 10.7/11.1 G OTN (G.709), GE, and 10 GE signals to ITU-T jitter/wander standards O.172/O.173/O.174.

In digital communications systems, jitter and wander can cause bit errors that affect the quality of voice and video communications, produce repeated retransmission of data packets that reduce network efficiency, and can even affect successful inter-connection of communications equipment. Controlling jitter and wander within synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), OTN, and SONET/SDH networks requires an accurate, reliable measurement instrument that is compliant with the latest international standards.

Measure jitter and wander up to 11.181 G

The ONT 10 G and below jitter modules enable jitter and wander generation and analysis of SDH/SONET, Synchronous Ethernet, and OTN up to 11.181 G. Its highest accuracy, broadest coverage, and in-depth wander analysis software makes it the most trusted and cost-effective tool for jitter and wander control in state-of-the-art communications networks, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


  • Offers the most reliable results with 15 mUI measurement accuracy and within full compliance with ITU-T O.172 appendixes VII and VIII
  • Enables flexible connectivity with optical and differential electrical interfaces for 10 G line rates
  • Generates and analyzes wander to test building-integrated timing systems (BITS) and traffic interfaces
  • Provides in-depth analysis of wander through stand-alone external wander analysis software that supports all VIAVI wander measurement data
  • Measures true SyncE jitter and wander with framed Ethernet traffic
  • Fully complies with ITU-T jitter/wander standards O.172/O.173/O.174

Key Features

  • Generates and analyzes jitter and wander from 155 M to 11.181 G
    • SyncE: 1.25 G (GE), 10.315 G (10 GE)
    • SONET/SDH: 155 M, 622 M, 1.25 G (GE), 2.488 G, 9.953 G
    • OTN: 2.7 G, 10.709 G, 10.755 G (OTL3.4 lane speed), 11.049 G (OTU1e), 11.095 G (OTU2e), 11.181 G (OTL4.10 lane speed)
  • Measures wander at DS1/E1, CC64 kHz, 1544/2048 kHz, 6312 kHz, and 1 PPS interfaces
  • Measures OTN mapping jitter
  • Measures 100 G 10x10 lane jitter
  • Measures wander with TIE, MTIE, and TDEV results
  • Generates and measures white noise/TDEV noise per ANSI, phase transient, and ppb
  • Provides 1PPS delay
  • Provides automated analysis of wander tolerance parameters


  • Control jitter and wander of equipment and network interfaces
  • Control jitter and wander of synchronous Ethernet for mobile backhaul
  • Evaluate performance of synchronization networks, such as BITS
  • Evaluate performance of transceiver jitter

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