4200 Series Advanced Manufacturing Test Systems (Discontinued)

A range of advanced manufacturing test systems offering a wide range of test methods and high throughput capability.


4230 Rack Mount
A compact 19-inch rack mounted in-circuit system ideal for integration into medium or high volume production lines.

  • DIN interface for flexible and cost effective fixturing
  • Ideal for use with in-line applications
  • Small footprint
  • Up to 2048 test pins
  • Fully software compatible with the 4200 Series of in-circuit testers
  • Easy access for maintenance

4250 Stand-Alone
A floor standing in-circuit system that offers wide ranging capability in a compact ergonomic package with a dedicated fixture interface. In this range there are two models:

  • 35° inclined interface version for smaller test fixtures
  • Horizontal interface version for use with large fixtures, adapters and in-line handlers

Both models share a common architecture and can be fitted with a range of cards to suit most test requirements and that are fully compatible with the 4230 Rack Mount System.

  • Single box solution contains all power supplies and controller
  • Full analog and digital in-circuit
  • Up to 2048 universal test channels
  • Choice of Multiplexed or Pure Pin hardware
  • Analog functional card option
  • Boundary Scan and Device Programming
  • Seamless mixed signal mode
  • Capacitor polarity and vector-less test
  • GPIB and CAN bus options
  • Built-in calibration and self-test

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