Signal Workshop

The most versatile and powerful test instruments for wireless systems.

Fully integrated software suite designed to assist in finding and/or solving the toughest RF communications signal quality, spectral monitoring, interference, and environmental RF issues.

Capture RF signal over the air to monitor and analyse the spectral environment. Create synthetic waveforms, generate the signals and measure performance of your wireless system. Or simply measure performance of your own RF system.

Used in combination with the VIAVI CMP system and or the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Development Suite, it becomes a full-featured general purpose RF tool that combines live and off-line signal simulation and analysis capabilities to address multiple test applications, including:  Communications - SigInt, Satellite, Pulse - Radar, EW, OTA testing, Electromagnetic environment (EME).

Signal WorkShop consists of four primary features:

  • An extensive RF analysis tool to characterize the spectrum environment or the performance of RF systems.
  • A live monitoring and capture of wideband RF signals
  • A Vector Signal Simulator to create arbitrary waveforms
  • A Vector Signal Player to play back the captured or generated signals

The Signal WorkShop feature set includes:

  • Unified, comprehensive focus on observing, analyzing, documenting, and even recreating electromagnetic environments
  • Live monitoring and post-capture signal display, analysis and processing
  • Interactive spectrum / spectrogram / time plots
  • Results strip charting and data logging
  • Modulation domain analysis function for basic modulation classification (AM, FM, CW, pulse, other)
  • Precision GPS latitude, longitude, time stamp
  • Bandwidth resampling engine and time-trim tools to assist in capture file-size management
  • AM / FM / PM analysis
  • ASK / FSK / PSK / QAM analysis
  • ASK Burst / FSK Burst / PSK Burst analysis
  • Pulse analysis
  • Signal notepad for recording plots and data
  • Channel Power and Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) analysis functions
  • Spectrum Allocation Table
  • Environmental Signal Parameterization identifies and measures parameters for signals in the environment
  • Remote API control

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