Global Roaming Quality Monitoring

VisionROAM is a powerful inbound and outbound roamer monitoring tool featuring interactive and static dashboards that can be used by both technical and non-technical teams. It monitors individual roamers as well as roaming partnerships and global roaming quality (GRQ).


Main features

  • CEM features with multiple KPIs and KQIs: distinct counts, count of unique roamers for each service, history, distributions, failure types with root causes, loss of roamers (LoR), best/worst roaming partners and more.
  • Interactive dashboards: Customizable and dynamic layouts with various metrics, including maps with distributions per country, tables, charts and graphs. 
  • Map roaming partners: an overall to specific view of the activity between countries
  • CEM and GRQ monitoring
  • Called/calling network, allowing you to focus on specific equipment

Full inbound/outbound roamer insights

VisionROAM monitors all inbound and outbound roamers. By predicting congestion caused by known roaming problems, it increases roaming revenue and saves time when it comes to investigating real network issues. It enables users to drill down to any fault’s root cause in a few simple clicks. And for the most demanding troubleshooters, SecureQOS allows you to dive all the way to the protocol’s packets.

Loss of roamers and steering of roamers

VisionROAM offers advanced CEM dashboards for inbound roaming analysis to detect loss of roamers and steering of roamers which are key for operators to monitor. A map is displayed to identify areas where roamers are lost, per region and/or cell and per roamer country/operator. The solution takes also into account dedicated dashboards for national roaming when used by operator.

Degradation evaluation

Sometimes, underachieving KPIs may be caused by a single roamer generating a lot of failures. From the moment an issue is detected, it is critical to evaluate how that issue is impacting roamers, especially if it is affecting the quality of service offered. VisionROAM offers an Impacted IMSI feature that has been developed to easily display a list of IMSIs affected by specific KPI measurements.


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