JDSU Moves Management of Network Test Instruments to the Cloud

StrataSync™ to Provide Agile and Centralized Way for Network Providers to Manage Data from Thousands of Deployed Test Instruments

Milpitas, California, Jan. 23, 2013 – JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU and TSX: JDU) today announced StrataSync,™ a new solution that provides network operators with an agile and centralized way to manage and analyze data from thousands of deployed JDSU test instruments directly from the cloud. StrataSync will help network operators manage and optimize their networks in a more efficient and cost-effective way, empower their technicians with real-time data, and help to improve customer service.

In a supporting video interview, David Heard, president of Communications Test and Measurement at JDSU, discusses how StrataSync reflects JDSU’s commitment to helping its network customers more seamlessly manage network intelligence from the cloud and less from individual devices. Simplified network management becomes increasingly important as the complexity of network activity continues to grow with more people connecting to networks through a variety of new devices. Some industry experts expect the number of connected devices to reach up to 50 billion by 2020.

“When our network customers are troubleshooting a network issue, it has to be done right the first time. Millions of people around the world rely on them and expect their network connections to work well,” said Heard. “Moving more network monitoring to the cloud with new solutions like StrataSync helps ensure that our customers get the best value out of their network assets while letting them focus more time on providing high quality service.”

Key product benefits of StrataSync include:

Improved network visibility. Data from individual test instruments is centralized and streamlined in a way that is immediately useful for network providers.
Increased efficiencies and lower costs. Centralized and cloud-based approach reduces time and costs associated with manually tracking, updating and recording data from every test instrument.
Empowered and informed workforce. Provides network technicians with easy access to critical data that lets them quickly pinpoint and resolve any issues to optimize network performance. It also helps keep technicians updated and supported while out in the field.
Automated tracking, management and reporting of test instruments. Test instruments are always dialed in to have the most recent configurations and software. Also provides centralized data warehousing and reporting.

JDSU has brought automated work force efficiency solutions to customers worldwide for more than a decade. Because it is a cloud-based solution, StrataSync takes automated work force efficiency to the next level of economical scalability, enabling deployments from one tester to entire teams and up to thousands of testers.

StrataSync will be available in March 2013 and will initially support several JDSU test instruments that include the DSAM, DSAM-6300, HST-3000, T-BERD/MTS-2000, T-BERD/MTS-5800, T-BERD/MTS-6000/6000A and the MTS-8000 products. Future phases of StrataSync support an even broader range of network test instruments and will offer more customizable features.

To learn more about StrataSync, please watch the new product video and read additional information atwww.jdsu.com/go/stratasync.

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