JDSU Xgig Analyzer is Certified for VCE Vblock Systems

JDSU, the leader in datacenter and storage networking test solutions, today announced that its Xgig Analyzer has been certified by VCE as “VCE Vblock Ready.”

JDSU Xgig is a powerful protocol test solution suite for Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, and SAS/SATA links operating at various data rates. The Xgig Analyzer combines hardware and software to test product performance by stress testing and capturing data; then intelligently organizing and analyzing the data for quick and easy troubleshooting. The Xgig solution is used validate the performance of new equipment like Vblock Systems in an existing data center environment to baseline performance over time and to achieve problem resolution as quickly as possible. Vblock Systems are pre-integrated, pre-engineered, and pre-qualified virtualized computing, storage, and networking components designed and manufactured by VCE, a joint venture with Cisco, EMC, VMware and Intel. This certification assures customers that the JDSU Xgig Analyzer can interoperate with their Vblock Systems.

Superna® conducted the certification and has been authorized by VCE to provide Vblock System certifications to VCE Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program members. This certification helps mutual channel partners and customers accelerate adoption of Vblock Systems by leveraging the JDSU Xgig Analyzer to test and troubleshoot complex data center environments.

“Cloud and large enterprise data centers are the heart of businesses today and solutions like Vblock Systems are fueling their rapid expansion. Infrastructure testing and fine tuning will become increasingly important,” says Dave Buse, VP and GM, Cloud and Storage. “VCE Vblock Ready designation provides customers a certified solution for their data center testing needs.”

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