Safer and Easier Interference Hunting with Enhanced VIAVI InterferenceAdvisor

May 21, 2018 — VIAVI Solutions today announced enhancements to its InterferenceAdvisor solution that will help RF engineers and field technicians even more safely and efficiently identify and isolate interference issues in a complex mobile environment. InterferenceAdvisor is an innovative automated interference hunting solution that allows one RF engineer to easily identify and locate an interference source with minimal effort. Enhancements delivered in software version 1.4.0 will further simplify and make the entire process of interference hunting simple and cost effective.


Key Enhancements and Benefits

  • Support for OpenStreetMap and offline maps – In situations where online Google Maps are either inaccessible or may require cellular data service, this feature allows users to employ OpenStreetMap in an online or offline mode to perform interference hunting, reducing OpEx and saving time.
  • Auto save of trace data – Hunting for interference can be a stressful exercise and users may not remember to save the trace data. With the new auto save function turned on, users don't have to worry about losing measurement data in case they closed the EagleEye app without performing the save function. EagleEye will automatically save the trace data so users can review the trace data later without the hassle of recapturing it, saving time.
  • Spectrum hold – The new spectrum hold functionality allows users to simultaneously hold spectrum on both CellAdvisor and EagleEye. Having a soft "Hold" key on EagleEye makes it easier to enable spectrum hold from EagleEye app.
  • Software update without connecting to CellAdvisor – Allows users to update the EagleEye software conveniently without having to connect it to CellAdvisor.
  • Touch screen lock when driving – The new touch screen lock function enhances safety by locking the tablet screen while the user is driving.

Easy to set up and use, InterferenceAdvisor allows one engineer to quickly and easily identify interference sources, even in an urban environment. Its simple setup translates to lower training costs, significantly reducing total cost of ownership. With the latest enhancements to InterferenceAdvisor, VIAVI has made the often-arduous process of interference hunting even simpler, safer, and more cost effective.

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