VIAVI Solutions first to introduce solution for new Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture

New certification solution for deployment, maintenance & troubleshooting of unbalanced (or tapered) splitter PON architectures

VIAVI becomes the first to offer a test and certification solution to support new Passive Optical Network (PON) architectures based on unbalanced (or tapered) splitters. The new capability adds to an already comprehensive feature set of PON OTDR products and FTTH-SLM application to form the industry's most advanced solution for certifying traditional and new unbalanced (or tapered) splitter PON architectures end to end. Ensuring network deployment, activation and maintenance tasks happen right - the first time.

Passive Optical Network (PON) architecture


  • Certify any PON regardless of architecture or splitter type (balanced or unbalanced)
  • Successfully deploy and maintain PON in longer reach rural FTTH applications
  • Detect, identify and characterize unbalanced splitters & cascades
  • Easy result interpretation, icon based view with clear pass/fail info and event diagnosis
  • Future proofed for Next Gen PON including architectures with high split ratio (1x128)

Without solutions optimized specifically for unbalanced splitter architectures test results can be misinterpreted (as bad connectors or severe bends) resulting in certification failures and unnecessary investigation or re-work, all of which is time and money.

For more information on the FTTH-SLM unbalanced splitter application click here, request a trial license through your own OTDR or contact your local Viavi representative.