ONT-600 FlexE

Software Option for ONT-600 QFLEX, CFP8 QFLEX Data and CFP8 PHY Module

ONT-600 FlexE

FlexE is a homogeneous way for Network Managers to deliver flexible high-speed Ethernet services and enable software defined networks (SDN). The ONT FlexE Test application allows thorough design and verification testing of the FlexE shim functions including FlexE Calendar Management, Overhead protocol functions and FlexE Clients configuration and performance.

Key Features

  • QSFP28 test I/F
  • 4 clients over 4 x 100GBASE-R PHY
  • Clients include 10GE, 40GE, 50GE, 100GE
  • Port-to-port skew
  • Calendar configuration for FlexE Bonding, sub-rate and channelization
  • Alarms & Errors to test i.e. FlexE Frame and Multi-frame lock
  • FlexE Overhead Manipulation
  • Client/MAC rate utilization and OoS

FlexE Use Cases Diagram


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