400GE QSFP-DD Multi-Port Ethernet Testing

Simplify and accelerate high-speed network test in lab and production


The VIAVI ONT 800G ETHERNET Module was designed for the specific needs of multi-port Ethernet Lab & Production applications.

It provides 400G class Ethernet traffic generation with advanced Ethernet Alarm and Error testing. The VIAVI Test Packet Format with its high precision timing assures efficient Ethernet performance assessment.

The industry established layer based user interface and affordable hardware costs make it the preferred test instrument for new emerging 400G projects.


  • Ensure eco-system interoperability 
  • Enable reliable performance 
  • Accelerate product validation

Key Features

  • 2 x QSFP-DD 400GE, including 400ZR
  • Ethernet 400GE, 200GE
  • Ethernet breakout 4 x 100GE, 4 x 50GE
  • FEC Error Insertion and RX Statistics
  • FEC Stress Testing for PAM-4 coded signals
  • MAC/IP Alarms & Errors generation
  • High Precision Delay Test
  • Service Disruption Test
  • Hardware Validation
  • Multi-user and Test Automation support

Use Cases and Applications

  • System development
  • Ethernet traffic generation
  • Transponder test - QSFP-DD / QSFP-56 
  • SVT - Ethernet Network Elements
  • Manufacturing test


Learn more about 800g technology.


Instrument Care Support Plans

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VIAVI Care Support

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