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Optical Security and Performance Products

Work alongside the world's best optical security experts. VIAVI is the world's expert in delivering light management and optical coatings that help protect the world's banknotes from counterfeiters, enhance the colors we see, and enable advanced technology such as 3D sensing.

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Drive the next chapter of innovation

At VIAVI, innovation is in your job description. It's the driving force of everything we do. Our constant focus on building cutting edge solutions has made us the industry leader with a presence in 137 countries and 30 distinct market segments. Explore how being a part of the global leaders in network enablement and optical solutions can propel your career.

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People-centered growth thrives here

VIAVI brings together cutting-edge technology with a rich tradition and history as one the leaders in optical technologies. Join our growing team to drive what's next in the industry.

Safety-first culture – even before you step into one of our facilities our safety-first culture and concern for the safety of all stakeholders is evident.

Commitment to diversity – we are committed to a diverse workforce that reflects the global nature of our business.

Search Jobs in Chandler, AZ

"VIAVI is a fast pace dynamic workplace that has a commitment to their employees, community, and customers. I have just celebrated my ten years with the company, and am grateful for the support of my colleagues with 30, 40, and even 50 years of service. Working with the many brilliant engineers & scientists, reminds me of the Newton quote "if I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."

Bryan Clifton
Staff Process Engineer, United States

VIAVI Custom Color Solutions

VIAVI collaborates with some of the world's most well-known brands on unique pigments to create striking effects that differentiate brand identities, products and packaging. VIAVI helps companies enhance their products with professional color services and state-of-the-art pigment technology that adds richness and luminosity to paints, coatings, inks, plastics, paper and textiles.

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NASA's OSIRIS-Rex Mission to Intercept Bennu Asteroid

VIAVI optical filter technology has enabled NASA's mission to successfully analyze the asteroid Bennu 200 million miles from Earth. VIAVI has supported NASA since the first manned space flight and continues to push technology boundaries to support space exploration.

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3D Sensing Solutions

VIAVI has been delivering 3D depth sensing filters from the technology's roots in the revolutionary Microsoft Xbox Kinect. Through multiple generations of increasing performance and decreasing cost, we remain the industry's leading supplier of high-performance filters for depth-sensing systems in consumer electronics.

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VIAVI 3D Sensing
"I have worked for VIAVI for 20 years. I started out cleaning tooling. With hard work and the training that VIAVI provided, I am now a supervisor for Security Products. The environment is supportive and has helped me grow as an employee, and still challenges me to strive for more. It still amazes me how with the technology we have we can take raw materials and make that into a thin film that has so many wonderful applications. From pigment to facial recognition, the technology that we work with here at VIAVI can change the world."

Jacob Kaltz
Manufacturing Shift Manager, United States

Build Your Own Path Here

VIAVI isn't just a series of siloed departments working in a vacuum. Our work is done in concert with interconnected projects and people all striving to develop the next breakthrough product. For you, that means infinite possibilities to succeed in multiple areas of the business doing work that actually moves the needle.

"My participation in the Engineering Development Program set me up for success both in my current position and my career as a whole. The rotations through R&D and other support departments provided excellent background in product and process development, which has proved invaluable in my role as a process engineer."

Gwendolyn Church
Coating Process Engineer

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Optical Security and Performance Products (OSP)

Use the power of light to support top-tier organizations around the galaxy to bend light to enable 3D sensing, anti-counterfeiting, spectral sensing and optical coatings.

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