Network Optimization


Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization

The VIAVI Network Integrated Test, Real-time analytics and Optimization (NITRO) solution is the first real-time intelligence platform that connects testing and service activation data from instruments with software-based planning, provisioning, assurance and optimization probes and applications, working seamlessly across mobile, fiber, cable, cloud and enterprise networks.

When things get complicated, simplify.

Leveraging the value of current investments in VIAVI instruments and software solutions, NITRO addresses both the needs of today’s separate business teams as well as the evolution to automated, cloud-native, policy-driven, end-to-end delivery in the same common platform. Powered by this development platform that accesses and analyzes data throughout the network, NITRO addresses the challenges of the increasingly complex service life cycle across physical, virtualized, and hybrid networks/IT, helping network service providers and enterprises reduce costs and deliver new revenue streams while optimizing performance.

Better. Faster. You know the drill.

NITRO allows today’s networks to be managed with less manual intervention and reduced skill sets by increasing the automation of workflows and lifecycles. By feeding real-time data from physical instruments and software virtual agents into a single presentation layer, NITRO helps reduce complexity and increase automation necessary to confidently evolve to future networks.

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