Color Trends 2018


This year’s story is all about balance.

Work, Rest, Play and Feast

Usually the discussion of balance involves the quest for balance between the areas of our lives. Our focus, here, is evolving the future of balance – balance within each area of our lives. This shift inspires us to examine each aspect of our lives with the goal of promoting wellness and balance within each aspect. In that spirit, we are pleased to introduce our four color families for 2018 – Work, Rest, Play and Feast.  

  • Balance: Work

    Wellness in the workplace advances far beyond simple ergonomics.

  • Balance: Rest

    It’s not just about getting your required eight hours each night.

  • Balance: Play

    The new “Happy Hour” that carries the fun into the night.

  • Balance: Feast

    Embrace the healing power of good food shared with friends.

Professional Color Trend Forecasting

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