Color Trends 2019


Reduction, Conscious, Skeptical and Diversion

Welcome to our Color Trends 2019 - ReSource

The VIAVI Team has been tracking trends in color developments and analyzing recent research in the world of color and is proud to present ReSource. Derived from our need to cultivate new sources of materials to be used in our daily lives… to make conscious choices in our buying behaviors… and reward suppliers that are committed to sustainability. ReSource touches on our desire to understand a product’s environmental and social impact throughout its lifecycle from origin, distribution, necessity, longevity and ultimately recyclability or other responsible disposal options.

We invite you to explore the four color families offered in ReSource: Reduction, Conscious, Skeptical and Diversion.

  • ReSource

    Explore our 2019 Color Trends Show and learn more about our forecast for the upcoming year.

  • ReSource: Reduction

    Reduction underlines the spirit of minimalism. Reduction is all about choosing the right pieces, ones that are functional and beautiful.

  • ReSource: Conscious

    Waking up to the new world, there is a deliberate purpose to actions and choices. Conscious is the opposite of chaos.

  • ReSource: Skeptical

    Healthy skepticism often sparks the dialogue that moves us towards clarity, comprehension, and knowledge.

  • ReSource: Diversion

    Diversion is all about having fun, finding the joy, laughing out loud.

Professional Color Trend Forecasting

Color trend forecasting services from VIAVI help designers jump-start new products with highly relevant colors. Every year, VIAVI color professionals create a palette of “colors to watch” based on extensive research, ensuring that color choices reflect the latest styles when products hit the market.