I-PMD Testing Solution for T-BERD/MTS-8000 Platform (Discontinued)

Integrated in-service test solution combining a PMD analyzer, an In-band OSA and a high resolution OSA to qualify and troubleshoot high speed DWDM and ROADM networks.

PMD of a fiber is measured with traditional methods by injecting a dedicated test signal into one end of the link and analyzing the resulting polarization transformation at the other end. This can only be performed when the network is down.

The VIAVI non-intrusive technique used in I-PMD enables to measure PMD in a link that is in-service by using the transmission DWDM channels.

The VIAVI unique I-PMD test solution allows troubleshooting faulty channels of 10G / 40G transmission systems and qualifying fiber networks for future upgrade plans up to 100G without turning the entire network down.


  • Measure PMD anytime, anywhere. Lessen engineering planning, advanced customer notifications, night maintenance windows and technical crew deployments.
  • Benefit from a single-ended, single-tech, and simultaneous-test solution. Halve the number of technicians you need; deploy one instrument instead of three.
  • Reduce time-to-identify and repair issues. Isolate faulty channels and get all relevant data in a single snapshot (five optical measurements including PMD and In-band OSNR).


  • Characterize PMD on active DWDM links
  • Analyze live transmission signals with a high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer (OSA)
  • Test In-band OSNR in DWDM/ROADM systems
  • Qualify fiber networks for future upgrade plans up to 100G
  • Allow maintenance and troubleshooting of 10/40 G transmission systems

Key Features

  • Single-ended test solution combining three instruments into one (PMD analyzer, In-band OSA, and High Resolution OSA)
  • Traffic wavelength used to test 2.5/10/40 G, regardless of single polarity or modulation format
  • Instantaneous effective DGD measurement
  • PMD variation over time and according the DWDM channels
  • In-band OSNR measurement using polarization-nulling technique
  • High-resolution channel analysis with 3 pm resolution

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