TechComplete Test Productivity Pack (TPP) (Discontinued)

Software for maintaining and optimizing DSAM meters; provides Field Data Management, Meter Browser Management, and DSAM Remote Access.

Maximize workforce productivity to better serve Triple-Play customers through effective meter asset management, and fast and easy access to reports based on test data

Test Productivity Pack (TPP) empowers management with tools for asset (inventory) management, workforce and installation quality management, and home certification. The system tightens up the operation and enables performance management with actionable data that improves productivity, reduces operating expense and at the same time improves customer experience to reduce churn.

TPP software contains the essential tools needed to maintain and optimize the use of your DSAM meters to their fullest. TPP provides you with Meter Asset Management, Channel Plan and Limit Plan Management, Test Reporting System, DSAM Remote Access, and Meter Browser Management. With a centrally stored database and client server architecture, you are in complete control of your HFC testing needs.

TPP plays the critical role by harnessing the power of raw test data gathered by your DSAM meters and turning these data into insights on plant performance and work force efficiency, thus reducing customer churn and boosting productivity for your company. Technicians with DSAM meters accumulate large amount of test data over time. With TPP, it is fast and easy to generate and customize reports pertinent to their daily job.


  • Keep meters current - Synchronize and deploy meter configuration data (i.e. channel plans, pass/fail limits, DOCSIS® configuration, location file, etc.) over RF or LAN
  • Easily archive field test results - Synchronize meter test data over RF or LAN.
  • Manage assets of DSAM family - Maintain and display inventory, ownership, firmware, and calibration status.
  • Maintain important data - A central database of channel plans, limit plans, and field results with web accessibility
  • Comprehensive reports that provide insight into work force productivity and plant health


  • Test once and test correctly - Eliminates callbacks by ensuring correct test processes and consistency
  • Verify tests - Synchronize test data and review/analyze results
  • Increase productivity - Meter browser management provides ability to view multiple remote applications from DSAM meters. 
  •  Use talent efficiently - Experienced technicians can manage remote DSAMs and help less experienced technicians.
  • Manage your meter investment - Keep meters up-to-date and provide supervisor control over settings

Key Features

  • Powerful Test Reporting System – remote users have access via web browser 
  • Automated reports by email and saved queries improve efficiency by delivering reports to your inbox
  • Custom and combo reports and advanced queries provide insight into network health
  • Scalable solution enables easy growth and expansion
  • Reduced IT maintenance and deployment with Web based server software
  • Open database promotes integration with other systems and creates test data central repository
  • Live database backup and speed optimization for optimal query responses
  • Consistent work force performance with flexible and powerful user rights management

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