Video Service Assurance (VSA) Solution (Discontinued)

The industry’s only software-based solution that monitors operators’ video services end-to-end from the video source to the end device with active and passive testing.

The video service assurance (VSA) platform is a highly cost-effective, scalable solution that gives visibility at every strategic and critical network location. It supports IPTV, VoD, cable TV, and adaptive bit rate (multiscreen) services. It combines video assurance monitoring software with commercially available, off-the-shelf hardware to create easily deployable points of presence in headends, networks, and end-user devices.

Key VSA components enable VIAVI applications to address the most demanding assurance and analytics applications requirements. Its extremely efficient data collection, state-of-the-art flow, and transaction analytics engine, combined with in-memory processing for all analysis and correlation functions, add unparalleled scalability. Extremely flexible service modeling and policy management capabilities let VSA solutions easily scale as needed when adding new network device types, types of services, or service level agreements (SLAs).


  • Monitor and troubleshoot broadcast, multicast and unicast Video services such as IPTV, VoD, Cable TV and multiscreen
  • Proactively identify and resolve Video problems having the greatest impact on customer experience
  • Protect / Increase Revenue
  • Eliminate finger pointing Robust video stream monitoring reduces subscriber complaints and decreases MTTR


  • Monitor and troubleshoot broadcast, multicast and unicast Video services such as IPTV, VoD, Cable TV and multiscreen

Key Features

  • Supports Broadcast, Multicast and Unicast video services:
    • VSA Monitor: (Web-based access to live and historical RF, MPEG and ABR  measurements)
    • VSA Streaming: (Software-based Real-Time MPEG / ABR protocol analyzer for parallel troubleshooting and passive monitoring)
    • VSA Agent: Family of Active SW test agents for Multiscreen video that checks, measures and verify Authorization, Authentication and accountability, Availability, Manifest files, Service Tier conformance and Video MOScore
    • VSA Embedded: Software compiled with Video player used by the operator running on tablets or Smartphones to measure the real customer video experience (Video MOScore: ABR Analysis; TR101 290 Analysis, etc.)
    • VSA-RF100: RF probe providing deep RF and video monitoring and troubleshooting to quickly demarcate issues between the inside and outside plant as well as preventing the need for truck rolls for routine headend and hub audits, and troubleshooting.

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